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  1. I prefer the one without the claw but here are both versions. Tell me if u want me to change something ^^
  2. Miss u too <3. No homo Small update: been watching lcs the whole day yesterday and will do the same today so ill be making sigs again monday
  3. Will do ofcourse xD Sorry i'm bad with cute pogeymans :3333 So i tried my best, hope u like it
  4. Pls only 1 pokemon per sig (its hard to mix styles in 1 sig.
  5. Only Once. cuz u surprised me with that reply xD Mby. (only in Creative Media)
  6. Just as my title said. I will take a few request out of boredom. These will not be 'first come first serve'. I will pick out the requests randomly, which means I may or may not do finish your request. I'll make ATLEAST 3 Sigs. (I opened shops before, and i always closed at +/- 5-15 sigs, so i wont make broken promises now T-T) 1 Pokemon per Sig Waiting List (No particular order): - Ploegy - Draekyn - No Previews. for surprise effect!
  7. You should do a Lucario Smash Sig :3 I really loved the Falco one, Lucario next pls, <3
  8. Best Sig ive ever made. Doesn't need animated BS, totally fits my style.
  9. Feels like im seeing more White than the actual Signature. Try Slowing it down. Make the sigs appear longer. It's not good nor bad... doesnt really have something special in my opinion. Keep in mind: Animation isn't everything. It's only an extra. Signatures aren't great just because they have an effect unless you are Hol. Overal 4/10.
  10. You can use the search option for some tutorials. I've seen a few good ones on this forums.
  11. Dont wanna sound rude, but the reason why people dont buy your signatures is because: 1) they arent original. It's literally a Render on a colored layer with text. 2) They can make it themselves with paint....... Try being more original! Download cool brushes for better effects. Dont be afraid to experimentate!
  12. If you zoom in a bit more, it will look like Aizen from Bleach. [spoiler][/spoiler]
  13. Its really simplistic, nothing more nothing less. And i love it, 8/10 [spoiler]This is more 'In Your Face' than the umbreon / espeon sig.[/spoiler]
  14. Looks really dark and Bisharp is streched in the length, as i mentioned before I hate that. Also i feel like the mini bisharp doesnt add anything. Its red is way too bright in comparison to the whole sig, it distracts alot. The flashy thingy above ur name adds a nice effect. And ofc the cool scene in the middle. Overall 5/10
  15. Everyone is sweating over the fact that espeon and umbreon have claws, but really... they have PAWS...................... just saying. Also they can't learn Slash nor Cut so I wouldn't have used that slashing effect anyways. And about the Signature: First of all, Espeon looks streched in height, i hate when people do that. I also agree with the opinions on the font, it is really hard to read. You might think its clearly readable, but a signature is meant to be readable for everyone right? Else there is no reason to show it off. So i'd just take the advice of people around you and fix it, this is a feedback thread afterall. Lastly, why bevel.... it basically drags all signatures down as far as i have seen on this forums. It doesn't add anything. But that's just my opinion, you might like it so I can't really blame you... i guess.
  16. Just came by to say that these Sigs look amazing. Keep up the good work!
  17. Don't want to sound like a fanboy [spoiler]But i totally am[/spoiler] But Heimann is one of the best sig makers on this forums.
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