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  1. Why I dont have this rng in pvp? This is my third shiny in less than 4 days lmaooo HAPPY MOMENTS thank you @pikabuuh for believing in the repel tactics and showing me and thanks @crrosszz for hunting next me to boost my rng 😄
  2. Team Name: Bushido Team Tag: BSDO Registered Players: Spxter, NguyenDuy, MeetMew, Rynners, LordCyber, lmtrnghia, PedroLindoUnico, palkuz, Frosteye, CaptnBaklava, Maskerada, RottenCorpse Team Captain: NguyenDuy
  3. I beat him like 90percent but the taunt nerf is really crazy. In Round2 you waste your Potions and cookies and fail taunt, ur poke go to sleep and spirit away is coming. Maybe if that happens, it would be cool if we get the items back, we wasted with that bad rng. (cookies are so expensive..)
  4. The Event is so easy, they nerfed taunt ?
  5. Ign: Spxter Dc: SpxteR#9659 Tiers: all
  6. IGN: Spxter Country: Vietnam (I live in germany tho ,but parents are viet) Tier: OU UU NU LC DUBS Notes: Need to Save da world with ma boi @nguyenduy
  7. Yeah host LC tourneys again pls. Some people quit cuz there is no LC Tourneys anymore.
  8. @Revz please make it happen
  9. IGN: Spxter Reason: cuz bored Preferred Tiers: OU/NU (I can play any tier if needed) Competitive accolades: I was a shiny hunter before but then i saw this psl post, just started comp Discord contact (optional): SpxteR#9659 Other random stuff: Im undefeated in psl ! (1-0) ahahaha LOLOLOL kek
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