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  1. Wasnt sure this post would ever be made, but, 36th shiny while looking for riolu, I finally got it. I started hunting riolu the 23rd of january of 2022 when I had 3,343 hours in game, I now have 6,558, thats 3215 hours that this hunt took. Went through a bit over 1,042,284 single encounters, had 35 fail shinies in the process, and the 36th was riolu. Thanks to the folks at @TeamMrfor not letting me give up on the multiple ocasions i wanted to do so, and thank you to the fellow unnoficial shiny existance thread enjoyers who would react to my phase-posts and give words of encouragement here, failing a single enc shunt 35 times was much less painful thanks to all of you. ❤️
  2. Yea I know im asking what the numbers are though, cause if its like a 50% higher chance to find them on the higher end of the level range then it'd be really strong paired with stuff like repel trick, but if its a really small % it'd probably just be better to use illuminate. In order to know whether its worth you gotta have the numbers
  3. All we get from the description is it "attracts higher level enemies" but what is the %?
  5. Players when they spent 3 hours fa ntasizing about which Johto starter they'll choose only for this to be a bugfix.
  6. The list keeps growing, its the 3rd secret shiny while looking for riolu too
  7. Took a break from the game, for a while, went back to shunting riolu yesterday and today I confirmed Im still riolu-locked, 32nd riolu fail, phase 33 now
  8. Would be cool to have that information available to the public but im sure there's probably plenty of people with more singles than me, there's always bigger fish, but the way this riolu hunt is going i might be the one with the most once its over
  9. Thanks, the mouse thing is from the recording software, looks upside up on my screen Ty, the mail is all dittos from alt accounts, only person that mails me is myself sadly
  10. 31st riolu fail, secret shiny machoke. at this point its just sad, this is in between riolu eggs too, everything shines except riolu
  11. If you're asking about elemental gems the description says 50% so probably 50%, if thats not it then no idea what a bijou gem is
  12. Does 40k riolu encounters, no shiny. Leaves riolu spot to farm just 120 dittos...
  13. 30th riolu fail, I've found 10 single enc gravelers now while looking for the dog. Phase 31
  14. Ladies and gentlemen, I've been posting every riolu fail I get for almost a year now, and I can finally say... we're on phase 30 now, no riolu
  15. I started playing in 2019, dont know where the 2016 idea comes from, and yes my forums account is from december 2020 because I didnt make a forums account as soon as I started playing. And ty for the reminder I'll keep it in mind
  16. Not that much , usually around 20 hours a day when im busy, 22-23 when not, sleep is important y'know how it is
  17. Was lure hunting at the new spot, 28th riolu fail, phase 29 now WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYEA. Thanks @NobleChieef for the haxx charm
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