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  1. Yeah 660k/hr might be the most he made in an hour but I can't see something like this being consistent and reliable.
  2. For context the person in question claims to make this 660k/hr by breeding comp mons and selling them. Something like FenixFox was his name. Yeah I don't buy it.
  3. Can I ask how much/what you do for money? I feel like you get a new shiny every other day so you must just be absolutely spamming leppas for hours and hours right?
  4. The frequency at which I'm seeing things like this makes it a lot harder to feel bad for people who put themselves in these situations.
  5. Can you tell me what I'm missing? Everything looks good here but it's not counting my encounters when I run the app. I tried Borderless and Windowed Borderless.
  6. 3002 encounters and only 6 hours since my last shiny...phase 1 failed but still...
  7. 13100 encounters, finally a shiny damp mon...not sure if I want it to go Toed or Wrath... EDIT: Went Toed
  8. I remember some mod quoted that statuses increase catch rate by a fixed amount of 12%.
  9. Some guy posted a shiny Dratini that ran away on the subreddit for this game... If you have your Safari exclusives all caught OT I don't think there's any good reason to go in there ever again. I don't get it.
  10. So in reality he's simultaneously wasting a repel and not activating his Starmie's illuminate? So he coincidentally got really lucky with a single encounter shiny while believing he was actively avoiding that?
  11. I'm a little confused. Can somebody tell me how he encountered this shiny as a single encounter with a repel up? He's basically actively trying to AVOID this kinda thing.
  12. 8th OT was hunting it for a shiny to deal with Take Down/Final Gambit 7.4k encounters
  13. And you used this to get high enough winstreaks that you'd be able to register some of the legendaries?
  14. Starmie. Thunderbolt/Ice Beam/Surf/Psychic. Ability doesn't matter, IVs don't matter, EVs don't matter, nature doesn't matter. Breed a new one before you start each region and train it up to level 20. Thunderbolt and Ice Beam are egg moves so you only need to buy them once. Congratulations, you just beat everybody.
  15. Mostly for the purpose of registering some of the legendaries as seen.
  16. I haven't seen anybody mention ocarinas so I'd suggest buying those if you don't already have.
  17. Well then I guess keep failing dude, cus it seems like your method is really working out for you huh.
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