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  1. Hey, anyone knows if this metod is still wroking?
  2. Why anyone says nothing about spore abuse on pvp? This move is such a issue in my opinion... of course have a few ways to counter spore users, but its so annoying playing against it, and subs focus punch make a lot of damage in almost every pokemon, also the move (spore) is 100% chance of make the oponent sleep and can be for like 3 rounds sleeping (depending on rng of couse)?! Makes no sense to me. Would be better if AT LEAST drops the accuracy on pvp matches. Note: sorry for my bad english, im not native speaker lol
  3. Weavile is faster than garchomp, and with icicle spear he can make a lot of damage even with substitute. I suggest jolly nature, with choice band ivx31/30 on speed and atack, and ivx20+ on HP, Def and Sp def. Moveset: icicle spear, ice shard, night slash, pursuit/low kick. Remind: u must have a defog or rapid spin user in the team, cause weaville takes too much damage from rocks (like as least 15% damage for stealth rocks). If u want a defensive poke for garchomp, hippodown ice fang makes the job.
  4. I am using a team with: jellicent Bold, choice scarf lvl 100 (trick, protect, recovery, shadow ball); rotom W bold lvl 100 (but it will be better a plus special nature) choice scarf (trick, protect, hydro pump, volt switch); Shuckle bold (steatlh rock, rest) hability sturdy. Hydreigon adamnt leftovers lvl 100 (dragon dance, earthquake, superpower, crunch); Volcarona Modest leftovers lvl 100 (quiver dance, bug buzz, giga drain, fiery dance); Scrafty admant lvl 100 (moxie) leftovers (dragon dance, crunch, rock slide, drain punch). The strategy is simple, always start the battles with shucckle to set up stealth rocks (to broke unfortunate sturdys and focus sash users), after u swith to jellicent or rotom and use trick and protect ( protect you will use only if the enemy was faster then your trick) then you will see what move the pokemon will be stuck it. If is earthquake, dark, fly or psych moves, u switch to hydreigon and use DD at max your poke will endure (probally u can use 3 times DD at least), then you attack and K.o all the enemy pokes. If the stuck move from your enemy was bug, grass, fire or fight move u switch to volcarona and use at least 4 times quiver dance, after u can use fiery dance to increase de sp attack, and KO all the enemies. If your opponent stuck with rock moves or dark or psych move u can switch to scrafty, and use at least 3 DD, and k.o all the enemies. Is important to use drain punch on scrafty and giga drain on volcarona to refull your HP. And if your shuckle wont faint with the second move from your enemy u can use rest before u move to jellicent or rotom. Some observations: - flygon it will be good (and maybe better) too substitute hydreigon cause he has powerfull attack stats base and levitate habillity. (but I earned these hydreigon from pvp matchmaking ranked reward, so Im using it). - Important things to increase your profit: - is much worth it buy Lemonade and Soda pop from vending machine on rooftop shoppings in celadon (kanto) and lilicovet (hoen). Lemonade costs 350$ and recovery 70 Points of HP (Super potion bought on the common shoppings costs 650$ and recovery only 60 points of HP). (Soda pop recovery 50 point and costs 300$.) - U must farm revival herbs on Berry forest on 3 island (kanto) with meowth (pick up) and using pay day (to don’t spent extra money with lemonades etc). there generally the pokes are at least lvl 40, so u will use 32 times pay day (with pp max on it of course), and you will profit at least (400$ x 32 times = 12.800$) - Im using lava cookies that I won on last event to heal any stats problem. - In the times I tested these team generally I use max 6 revival herbs (in the worst cases), and +- 10 lemonades, +- 5 soda pops, 1 ether (to reset the pps that u use most), and 3 or 4 lava cookies. - U must be attention when your opponent use sharpedo cause speed boost habillity maybe will disturb the strategy (generally they use as first pokemon). I have tried at least 3 times in each region and it was a success. - If you will use amulet coin or some kind of enchantment to increase your profit, only activate before u face the champion (the others wont give u money, so u wont waste time of the money increase unnecessary). *im not fluent on English but I expect u guys could understand. Any comments, grammar corrections and doubts are welcome. Att Reenby – from Pocketblinders BR guild.
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