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  1. If it bothers u that much, report the topic and have it trashed.
  2. Considering PokeMMO was actually advertised on 4chan in the very beginning of its creation, wouldnt be that ground breaking to consider it
  3. What has the world come to, the friggin pulitzer award has been bought with pokeyen in an unofficial pokemon mmo. Hurry up elon
  4. I was expecting a male on male breeding suggestion type of thing, disappointed
  5. This has been suggested a 100 times and denied a 100 times. Friggin whisper them and ask them where they at.
  6. Don't get me wrong, i like this kind of morbid approach. But this is not the place for such behaviour, even by my standarts
  7. memes, toxicity, a few friends i like to spend time with. Thats about it really
  8. The little karp gazed upon the life outside of the pond, where most karps would spend their lives in. Only few among the many were able to leave, if caught by a trainer. But this karp was different. Unlike others, it wanted to be out as if it was its destiny. So it came up with a plan______
  9. Ask in global for a feebas raid, occasionaly people show up
  10. Sorry, a team named [Cringe] doesnt exist yet.
  11. Thats easily avoidable, you either change the npc name color or dont host an event where that npc might be.
  12. Rather than just devs, make it staff in general (aside from community managers coz they're basically trials)
  13. There is a system like this already. It works as follows; Player A: Hey, where are you? Player B: i'm at <location> ch <#> or in case of people like me Player A: Hey, where are you? Player B: None of your damn business. Incase it wasn't clear, i was talking about whispering
  14. You will know when it happens.
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