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  1. IGN:Maahitto Country:Chile🇨🇱 Tier/s:OU Discord:Mahito#8253 Fluf:"i am i am i am i am"
  2. Elizn's services have been one of the best I've seen, it was quite fast with my mons 20/10
  3. Team name: Onlyhax Registered Players: SynthesisZ, TzelYT, qmanzanop, LuciferMorningSS, Poufilou Sub: TwiceF
  4. 10/10 I loved the signature, if it's worth what it's worth,pleasant the service shows that he cares that the client likes the signature
  5. Name:TwiceF Team Tag/Name:RmW Type of art:Animated Color Scheme (Optional):that agreed with the gif :3 Anything extra: let it be a chill gif of jujutsu kaisen or One piece
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