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  1. @GasaiYunoSanOwes me 400K IGN: Maahitto
  2. Pichu The Rock! VS The Hornys Cyndaquils LCOU2: FlacuSkye vs MaxDuci LCOU1: Lunarck vs Kiiritox LCUbers: SumiSakurasawa vs WarwitoX LCSS: TheLpZ vs Mendezz 100K per player of Hornys 🥵 @GasaiYunoSan Take all
  3. Good service faster and friendly 10/10 'ㅅ'
  4. IGN: Shulxs Tiers: All Time zone: GMT -4 Discord: Oscar18#3995
  5. IGN:Maahitto Prefered tiers: All(Gen 8 ) Discord:Mahito#0007 Time zone: GMT -3 Fluff: I don't know what I'm doing here
  6. Tag+team name:[EØS] EagleOtlawSports Players:Zennen-Warwitox-Aldahirramirez-RohMartinez-Shhelly-Maahitto-Sequia-Tlacuacheman Captain:Warwitox
  7. I using this service of a long time is still the best service of training 20/10
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