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  1. I do not mind waiting until Monday. Got to finish these Halloween breeds. Good luck on your event endeavors!
  2. Halloween Hatches 60 EV'd Gengars sold
  3. Welcome to the forums, Scott! You're a motivation for me to commit to finding more shiny monsters, myself. Here, is to many more hunted in the future, solo and together. Cheers!
  4. Welcome to the forum! Likewise, my favorite is gen 2. You'll never hear the end of it in chat.
  5. Welcome to the forum! I've seen you in ch2 a few times. Let's battle when you finish your team.
  6. Welcome SleVoR! Which channel do you play in? We have a pretty tight community going in ch.5. If you're ever over there, say hi!
  7. Howdy, I wish I knew this game existed back then.
  8. Hancho! Ch.5 community represent!
  9. Hi, I'm AJ/Drew! I can remember Xmas '98 like it was yesterday. Ham for dinner, Gameboy B&W brick in hand & Pkmn Red fresh out of torn wrapping paper. Contrary to popular opinion within my limited school-ground social circle, I preferred the vibe of Bulbasaur and thus, began my journey. It wasn't long until I had completed the story and spent every spare amount of free time working towards 150 completion. I was the most popular Pkmn kid in summer camp and I have fond memories of battling my fellow campers with the link cable and teaching them the missingno glitch. I started with Totodile when Gold came out. My friend had Silver, and I very clearly remember, the time I went to his house to take care of all the version exclusive trades in one sitting. I recall seeing The First Movie in theatres and even had a decent collection from the TCG, including many cards I deeply regret losing or selling! It wasn't long until I traded everything from my Red and Yellow cartridges to Gold for all 249 legit. I eventually got Mew and Celebi via Gameshark as the icing on the dex-cake. My childhood Pkmn tour was completed and afterwards I grew out of it and into other things. Two decades go by...last year, I decided to forego a nostalgia tour. When Pkmn came to mind, I booted up Crystal and have nearly completed the dex all over again since. One day I stumbled upon a video review online for PokeMMO and decided to give it a shot. Here I am, almost 2 months into my game and I am hooked. I enjoy being active in chat and try to be helpful whenever I can. I even went as far as to create an unofficial Discord server for Ch.5. I created it with the sole intention of connecting more people through their love of this franchise. I have made over a dozen connections through MMO so far and I am eager to meet more of you on here! Feel free to message or add me in game, and if you'd like to join our discord, I'd be happy to invite you. I've attached 3 of my best catches from my first two months so far, and a bonus from Crystal. Cheers! - AjDrewski
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