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  1. The only times they attack before switching are with the moves Volt Switch and U-turn. If a trainer switches a pokemon, it does not attack before switching and never has. Trainer actions go first always.
  2. No. Rewards mostly stay the same as difficulty increases. Though I haven't reran E4 as much so I'm not sure if the first 4 reruns pay out worse than after they hit max difficulty. Not sure where you think you saw this happen, but trainer actions always go first and if their is a trainer action, the pokemon does not attack. Other than that you bring up money sinks a lot, and pokemmo does not experience any inflation except in customizable outfits. For the past couple years I've been playing the cost of 1K RP has remained exactly around 2.4M, the cost of 5X IV non-natured pokemon has remained right around 500k, the cost of ocarinas is always right around the 500K mark as well. This game has no problems with over-inflation or it's money sinks. The only reason it implements the item limit is to increase difficulty and prevent "cheese" strats that people will use for the more difficult content like raids and E4 reruns and boss fights where you actually have to come up with a strat instead of "just spamming A" like you said.
  3. I know Cloyster is the absolute main stay pokemon here, but I was thinking as a backup having Infernape with Choice Band and Double Kick(egg move) so that you can OHKO the aggron and other rough pokemon like probopass though I havent done the calcs for those. I will probably just quickly breed an Infernape and try it out and let you know. 🙂 edit: Also Infernape also learns Rock Climb, since that's important for you. Though it does still get hit by sand. edit: edit: I have been given even better knowledge that I lacked before. Rampardos learns Rock Climb, is immune to sand, and Mold Breaker beats Sturdy. Rampardos has 165 base attack and though it's speed is slightly lacking, at level 100 it doesnt matter most of the time.
  4. SAVED. Thank you for this mod it's been so much easier to get into PVP with it. ♥
  5. Took my Alpha Dex from 30ish to 243 in under 20 minutes!! Great service and great person♥ 12/10.
  6. Discharge hits your allies as well as the opponents pokemon. Otherwise I would absolutely use discharge over electroweb. 🙂
  7. First, thank you so much for the guide! Next, Thief and Covet both are able to knock out a pokemon and steal the item. Covet's description in game is wrong and hasn't been updated since the devs made this change either.
  8. Thank you so much for that! I will definitely give it a good look. The point about any team with good synergy being good enough is so true. I was thinking throughout making this whole thing if you don't want to use a certain pokemon, you can switch it out and stuff very easily with something that does the same job. XD
  9. If I am going super sweaty, I finish all the gyms in just over 90 minutes. But since I've started this guide I realized I'm doing a couple things inefficiently so I'm testing those out and seeing how fast I can get it. But the average is 100-105 minutes for a run of all the gyms, then I do Morimoto and Cynthia and a couple trainers in Unova before second coin runs out. ? Also, I will probably eventually add in some of the pokemon that people do like to use for the 5th and 6th since those spots can be filled by pretty much anything that doesn't activate the Flash Fire ability. XD
  10. ***THIS IS SUPER SUPER OUTDATED*** Hello, this is my first and probably only guide on PokeMMO. Purpose This guide is meant to help beginner's to gym rerunning build a team they can use to start accumulating wealth in game. This guide is going to go over the team that everyone suggests in game to start rerunning gyms and move on to the gym team I use for my reruns which doesn't require healing at a PokeCenter in between each gym. I will also put the order that you should try to follow while going through all the gyms. F.A.Q. TEAMS Beginner Team Veteran Team ROUTES Beginner Route(text only for now) Veteran Route(bad pictures? idk i might keep them)
  11. MrVdd

    Quick Wishlist

    1. Please add a "+" to the description of Cute Charm so it says "+25% chance for opposite gender enemies." What it says now could be interpreted as 25% chance of encountering opposite genders and 75% encountering same gender. 2. Also updating Covet and Thief's move descriptions to say fainting does steal the item.
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