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  1. The only real solution is building 6+ different, heavily-tested teams and use them randomly so you're not "scoutable". So yeah, it's not beginner-friendly, but that's the reality. My suggestion was only to make it a bit more beginner-friendly.
  2. Why is it crazy? Other games tournaments (even official) are done that way. It isn't some "random crazy" idea I came up with. Honestly, I think it doesn't kill the fun. It gives more focus and importance to your team and idk, we could have something like a "hall of fame" for every tournament showcasing the winner team. But hey, that's just my opinion. And yeah, maybe you're right, it isn't necessary if shuffling is implemented. Still, in the latest stages of the tournament, it will still be effective to scout. That's why I'm suggesting only one team, so scouting becomes pretty much useless outside of movesets.
  3. Why not just force players to play the whole tour with only 1 team? Plus adding shuffling so you can't still scout the movesets?
  4. Hmmm Implementing original pokerus is not going to happen. However, I can think of a pokerus item that works exactly like lucky eggs/amulet coins. Obtainable from, idk, poison type pokemons(?) EV training service providers could benefit from this. So they can double up their productivity.
  5. I guess that's the idea. Having an EV boost without equipping an item. Like the last update. I guess EV training would be stupidly easy with something like that.
  6. No one has recalled the fact you can now gym run without having an amulet coin equipped? That's a great improvement for the gameplay in my opinion. Because regardless of the profit, now you have more freedom for strategies. On top of the fact that you can now powerlevel your pokes to 100's with sweet scent, a pokemon with earthquake, and some lucky eggs that are still optional. I'd only suggest to increase the effect time, 1 hour is too low for gyms if you want to enjoy the battles imo.
  7. You need a platinum account to see it.
  8. I get your point, and i think is nice, like the halloween boss. I guess dungeons will bring something similar to that.
  9. Kornelio

    No more rain

    iirc sweet scent not working in the rain is something canon from ORAS i guess, and i'm sure that's the whole reason.
  10. Who else is hyped for the Beach House album?
  11. Can i get the drop even if a catch the phenomena pokemon? How do the cycle works? Each location have a time? Or an entirely random like a pokemon go thing?
  12. Maybe the "view profile" may also include the player's pokemon team so we can count it as a kind of team previewing, but idk is just a raw idea.
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