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  1. I guess this is the perfect "Suggestion" for "Stalker".
  2. I think charmander is the hardest one to go for but it's cool so yeah what's not to love about dragons i mean flying types o.o
  3. Well hi i'm the same person as that kid well i started playing this game again so hope you welcome me. So long so short.
  4. Text: Blank by that i mean the word "Blank" Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Sora from no game no life Background: Cherry Blossom :3 Oh and sorry for coming so suddenly but i'm officially back well like anyone care about me lol.
  5. This shop is dead literally he doesn't really that active anymore well he quitted his original profile and created new one called KyosukeyYukooo something well hope this freaking explain or you guys be waiting for years o/ Not really but as he said period of time is actually ages i heard his moving country and shit.
  6. You should care his a staff A_A And what starter did you pick?
  7. If ninetales was that i would play this game again literally just to use that thing xD
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