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  1. They deleted the posts, how sad It's not hysteria, but I already understood You just have to click on the photos of each participant of this "psl" and those who want to change the name That is where you will see the big difference and why we will never agree
  2. I don't understand your math, how is a guy who finished 1-5 the one who takes the most money?
  3. mail me @Azphiel @DoubleJ @RysPicz ign Sejuani
  4. Too sad that the overall is taken by someone in the clearly worst competitive level this season Zhiko played and finished undefeated in the most fought tiers and without dodging games, It should be worth more than mathematical calculations
  5. A manager who just wants to win but when you give him the week is he still a baby or one who got tired of hearing so many cries and did what was right? I don't know which one you mean
  6. cry more child You give him the week and he still cries XD
  7. @Limbow I'm writing here, because I see that you must have a problem reading disocord messages Gasai did everything wrong since the World Cup started, all of Argentina wants the change of captain We don't care if she's your friend, you made the rule yourself that players choose captains
  8. At least the players here are not ashamed to play for their country
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