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  1. I think you're misunderstanding what is meant by updating moves to the 8th generation. Moves that existed in Generation V (aka moves that can be pulled from ROMs) are in the game and updated to modern learnsets. Any move introduced in Generation VI beyond is not in the game at all. (Ex: Moonblast, Liquidation, Body Press) BUT, something like Shell Smash (Generation V move) that was given to Blastoise in Generation VIII exists in its mvoeset. The only exception I can think of to something like this is the devs recently adding a Slush Rush equivalent to the Beartic line, though it has a different name.
  2. Interesting, I joined November 3, 2012, seems based on date specific searches the game really picked up in popularity in 2012’s fall but I don’t know much beyond this
  3. Pikachu recently obtained Sweet Scent from a Gen 8 event thanks to Pokemon Cafe Would make Raichu a very useful utility mon with Sweet Scent, Discharge, and Surf
  4. Hi guys, with the 10 year anniversary being this year I was just curious when the game officially released to the public. I know it began in January of 2012 but it was closed to most then from what I have read. Couldn’t really find any clear information online when I searched. Cheers
  5. Eh, I'd say it's too early for a complete opinion on it, but the story and characters are enjoyable to watch so far. Trigger has made some good shows in the past too, so I'm looking forward to the rest of this show that op though 10/10
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