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  1. nah, he meant paying OTs to change their name to yours and breed it, and im pretty sure Exodos' been doing it
  2. can't complain about murder if u haven't been murdered, seems right to me
  3. 1/30k 1/27k with donator
  4. and Tepig - Unova Victory Road Snivy - Pinwheel Forest (left of nacrene) Oshawott - Route 6 (surfing)
  5. dw, it's @FlareBlitzz's fault for not updating the thread
  6. Mehh I'll clarify. The player's name is MrBeauRyan. That's all I will say.
  7. ure always in vermilion stalking people tho
  8. Jonulo has 60 ots I have 35(+5 shinies i didnt catch. yea, im a shit hunter i know) Godofkawaii has like 32 Dreamychan has like 32 Chesar has 32 as well Awkways has 29 So yea, shiny rate is fair
  9. Im p sure he's talking about mobile
  10. same is happening to me for a rly long time, already tried repairing/reinstalling but it didn't work
  11. keep the vanities and sell them when u do another event, i suppose they are limited so theyll be worth even more in the future
  12. How is that good though? Its just sad that people couldnt even get their desired shiny even putting a lot of effort into it
  13. Id list it for like 3m on gtl
  14. its not the same as official games
  15. They should at least add an option to trade big parts for tiny parts
  16. i have 9 big parts and 0 tiny parts, its just unbalanced i guess
  17. #first just hatched it, 4400 eggs since my last shiny :D Evolved: Evolved²:
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