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  1. While I'm sure this post is enlightening to some players unfamiliar with the concepts of cybercrime, I'm not sure why you seem to be broadly accusing other players of it. Malware distribution, phishing, account takeovers, etc. are explicitly against the Terms of Service and result in permanent account termination when reported to us. If you have a report to make, please do so via https://support.pokemmo.com so that it may be addressed. Thanks
  2. Many players, including me, can't get the patch in Unova area. 

     please help us.



    1. Thekingofglory


      it's a bug,doesnt matter

      he'll fix in part 3

  3. The main event is now over, and some players have expressed concern regarding Anniversary Medallions, as they did not immediately become exchangeable for Chests after the event expired: Anniversary Medallions will be automatically exchanged for regular Anniversary Chests during the next server maintenance, at a ratio of 7:1 Chests per Medallion (approximate market rate at the time of the event's end.) So, hang onto them until then Anniversary Medallions can no longer drop from Anniversary Chests. They were automatically removed when the event expired. Thank you for playing.
  4. Medallions were automatically removed from the chests when the event expired, so you can not get more. They will be automatically exchanged for regular Anniversary Chests at market rates (approximately 7:1 regular chests per medal) during the next server maintenance.
  5. señor o señora kyu dejeme decirle 3 cosas con todo el respeto del mundo 2 que son para el juego y una que es algo que no lo relaciona para nada en el juego 

    1:usted y su staff son buenos para moderar el juego pero algo a lo que dejan mucho que desear es el metagame y eso se deberia de arreglar


    2:el metagame es muy aburrido y soltar actualizaciones de a poco e implemetar mecanicas muy lentamente es un juego sucio por asi decirlo ,si funciono por bastante tiempo a los principios del juego pero ahora digamos que el juego solo muere un poco menos rapido y ustedes tienen el poder de resolver eso y no lo hacen y quizas digan "hay muchos jugadores activos y que juegan el juego" pero si comparacen eso con 1 o 2 años notarian la diferencia


    3:esta es una opinion personal y se que de cualquier manera o otra la van a ignorar asi que ... al grano.

    dan la espalda a la comunidad y eso es una de las partes que hace morir a la comunidad,al fin y al cabo no es nada el juego sin esta bella comunidad que lo apoyo desde el comienzo se que el staff da todo de si por el juego ,pero descuidan a la comunidad y eso es algo de lo que pueden recrificar ahora ,pero si sigue asi lamentablemente el juego sera solo un recuerdo como cierto juego que paso lo mismo (UTMV r.i.p extraño ese juego :"c) y no quiero vivir lo que ya vivi con una comunidad que tanto disfrute y ame como esta



    1. HermitG


      Intento de traduccion para que no te lo borren(?


      Mr or Ms Kyu let me tell you 3 things with all the respect of the world, 2 are for the game and one that dont have nothing to do with the game
      1: You and your staff are good for moderate the game but something who let a lot to desire is the metagame and it need to be solve


      2: The metagame is very boring and drop updates little by little and implementing mechanics slowly is a dirty play for say so, yes it work for a long time in the beginning of the game but now the game is diying a bit less fast and you have the power to solve that and choose dont do it, maybe you can say "There is a lot of active players in the game" but if you compare that with 1 or 2 years ago the difference is notorius


      3: This is a personal opinion and i know anyways would be ignored, so.....to the point
      Your given the back to the community and that is one of the thing that let die a community, at the end the game is nothing without this beautifull community who support it since the beginning, i know the staff is given all of themselves for the game, but are disregarding the community and that is something that can be rectify now, but if it continues like this sadly the game would be only a memory like a certain game that went through the same (UTMV r.i.p I miss that game :"c) and i dont want to live the same that already live with another community that I loved and enjoyed as much as this

  6. The initial batch has "~50 evolution lines, some impactful and some not" and were handpicked. Their introductions are meant to be unpredictable, so I can't really offer specifics there. Afaik the TC wants us to immediately complex ban anything impactful to OU until they can review it, so the unpredictability shouldn't be too much of a pain from a PvPer's perspective.
  7. I think it's a fair criticism that our tiering rules haven't kept up to date with how we develop the game, and that the game suffers due to it. But the TC is a player-run organization, and we try not to insert ourselves too much into it. I've asked someone to talk to them about the problem though
  8. Ah. I thought you meant that players were so enticed by the idea of HAs that we had a "Star Citizen" type of scenario where we kept dangling that promise for years on end, and players somehow took that bait. We suffer from some unique problems because the game is structured on ROMs. A major one is that we have an absolutely finite amount of content to work with [unless we begin backporting items/abilities, or shift to another base ROM]. While it's my opinion that we do have the possibility of Gen 6 later on, again, it's very hard to appreciate how much R&D has gone into this game to even make it function at all. Our major options atm for additional [ROM-based] content are transitioning to B/W2 and Johto. B/W2 is going to be the most realistic consideration for our next base ROM as the only major changes between B/W & B/W2 were script-based, iirc. Johto is obviously a meme region, and while we'll do it, it doesn't really give us anything long-term aside from ticking another box and giving you another E4 to grind. But anyway, the point I'm making is that it is in everyone's interests for us to keep the game as interesting as possible for as long as possible, and staggered HA releases are one way to help achieve that. While we have definitely enjoyed a very successful few years, the next major introduction of new monsters is going to be a very long process, and we'd very much like to prevent a scenario like our Gen 3 -> Gen 5 transition where the game basically died for a year because we blew our load with no concern as to how we'd weather a very long content drought.
  9. Alright. It wasn't ready, and stalling content doesn't generally make players play longer. I'm not sure why you have the latter opinion. To comment on HAs themselves, they were mostly suffering from a lack of consensus as to what to do about them. While we originally did want to include them alongside legos, eventually it became comical how long we were waiting, and it felt like it was about time. So, we just built something which could release them in a way which didn't feel completely lackluster.
  10. Your response is very passionate. I think we have very different opinions on how games should be developed though, and I won't comment on upcoming content which isn't near release. I think it's difficult to fully understand how problematic releasing large swathes of new content (e.g. targeting Gen 6 as base) is, from a player's perspective. Decisions like those around HAs buffer us against content droughts which occur during prolonged periods of content development for very large projects, like introducing new regions. I have no idea what the "hostage" comments are based on, though. I find that kind of silly.
  11. Hi everyone,


    As the event ramps down, many players have had questions regarding the new Alpha monsters, so I'd like to make some clarifications regarding them.


    We often use events as a way to preview new features in a unique manner. Alpha Swarms are no exception, and this feature will be made permanent during the 3rd patch in the 10th Anniversary patch series.


    Eevee is the final Alpha Swarm species released in this event. The first release of this feature will have quite a few more, but we will not be releasing every Hidden Ability within a single patch. Hidden Abilities give us an opportunity to extend the lifespan of the game by continually introducing new batches of metagame-changing monsters, before we eventually introduce new generations.


    Players who have monsters they don't want to rebreed will be given an avenue to introduce the Hidden Ability attribute for existing monsters, but it will be a very costly process to upgrade them.


    Thank you very much for enjoying the event. It's a very humbling experience, when our hardest problems are trying to accommodate so many players.

    1. Show previous comments  18 more
    2. Uzzil


      this is a pokemmo died in reach??

    3. MajoraAKC


      Please do something special with Jotho. Maybe make it an end game region with higher level Pokémons or any other special feature that sets it apart from other regions. Give it a purpose!

    4. hamizoss


      hey @Kyui have a question that i was asking myslef since i started the game more than year ago why arabic language not in mmo , cause on my pokemmo journey i met too many arab ppl so , we are using english and always trying to use english words for arabic meaning , is the game only accepting the words which is go from left to right , cause all languages is , except arabic , if you guys can add it thats good for some ppl and i apriciate it if not its fine we are enjoying the game , hope you reply soon and thanks so much , exciting for part 3 of 10th anni , have a nice day Kyu :D

  12. Dear Game Manager,I am a Chinese player.,I found my account blocked at noon on June 19th.,But I promise, I didn't violate the rules of this game. I love this game very much.,I tried to make a complaint, and now it's been 17 days and there's no news.,I took the liberty of writing this letter to you, but I really had no other choice.,I promise, I didn't write scripts or make cash transactions, and I will never violate the rules of this game. Please check it again

    1. BlackKingdra


      I also had my account blocked today in an unfair way, I started playing a few weeks ago and they banned me for rmt, and I only had 2,000,000 that I got by selling chests in the event, I don't know if the bans are taxes by some bot or we just ran into some gm in a bad mood...

    2. gxs24ad607



  13. Hi, We're aware of an issue where potions are not able to target inactive party members. It'll be resolved in the next game update. Edit: This issue was resolved in a hotfix on July 2nd
  14. PokeMMO's 10th Anniversary Event Alpha Swarms have been spotted in the wild! Alpha Swarm mini-bosses can be captured once per player for the rest of the event. If they're fainted, they'll come back too, until you catch them. Rumor has it, while there's only one right now, more may show up later. So, check back every day to see what's new! Changes The Jack-O-Lantern Mask now has a triggerable animation Bug Fixes Ability Suppression effects no longer overlap their functions Previously, Reactive Gas and Gastro Acid would apply the same effect, leading to a situation where Gastro Acid could be cancelled by an opponent removing a Reactive Gas user from the field. These effects are now tracked independently Fixed many issues with Reactive Gas Fixed an issue where Fake Out could be cast twice in the starting turns of Rotation Battles Fixed an issue where Battle Replays would continue playing in the background after logging out Fixed an issue where players could switch a monster's containing inventory while it was evolving Fixed an issue where the Sweet Scent prompt wouldn't always disappear when entering battle Fixed several issues with Fight Together! which could cause its combo effect to break, and allowed the AI to double cast it Fixed an issue where AI in Triple Battles would nonsensically target itself when it ran out of other valid targets Fixed an issue where overworld sprites for swarms wouldn't always render correctly in GBA areas Known Issues We're aware of an issue with Unova and Sinnoh's Ability Patch claiming which has prevented some players from being able to claim them correctly. Because this issue will require database maintenance to resolve, its resolution has been postponed until after the event. Thanks for your patience
  15. christmas in july ✕ halloween in june ✓
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