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When best to evolve pikachu?

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Normally, it's best to evolve pikachu at around lvl 32, because by then it will have learned all it's levelling moves, whereas raichu doesn't learn any moves through levelling. But since PokeMMO uses a different moveset, which means pikachu learns moves up to lvl 50, I'm not sure when to evolve it. Does raichu learn any moves through levelling after it's evolved? Thanks.

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On 6/15/2021 at 12:53 PM, RealMak said:

A light Ball Pikachu is better than Raichu

But what about a light ball Raichu? :thonking:

Also, my Pikachu doesn't have a light ball. Of the three pikas that i caught across two characters, only one had a light ball, but I deleted that character, so yeah. 

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Either that or use a Pokemon with Thief and rob it off a Pikachu. I'd probably just buy one since in the time farming you could do other nice things. Also if you're a story player and rly like Raichu or want the Dex entry, just go for it. Pikachu with light ball just hurts way more.

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