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Changelog: 11/05/2021


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Changelog: 14/05/2021



  • Move tooltips now indicate Natural Gift typing and power, Critical Hit ratios, and Recoil/Absorption percentages
  • The maximum listing price for a single GTL item has been increased to 1,800,000,000


  • Thief no longer fails when fainting the target and does not bypass Sturdy
  • Hordes now carry less items and Pickup occurs much less frequently vs Hordes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed inventory text becoming unreadable on Desktop clients after certain events (Use/Give/etc.)
  • Fixed an issue where status animations wouldn't cancel if being replaced by another status (Rest/etc.)
  • Fixed an issue where, when exiting some rental battles instances (Battle Frontier/Tents), the party information wouldn't revert to the original party
  • Kanto's Route 10 fly point now unlocks at its healing center, instead of at the Power Plant


  • This update includes an experimental workaround for compatibility issues seen with Windows 10 and certain old Intel GPUs (e.g. Intel HD Graphics 3000/4000 series), to allow hardware acceleration on these platforms. Users with affected Intel GPUs who have been prevented from playing after the last game update are encouraged to reinstall the game client via https://pokemmo.eu/downloads/windows/
  • This update addresses an issue where users with overzealous antivirus clients may prevent correct installation on Windows. This was first seen with Avast after the last update. Users with affected installations ("Java 11 is required" startup failure) are encouraged to reinstall the game client via https://pokemmo.eu/downloads/windows/


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Changelog: 20/05/2021



  • Move tooltips now show stat stage adjustment percentage chances if the move's effect does not always proc (e.g. Crunch)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where client inventories could become corrupted if deleting / gaining items very quickly
  • Android: Incremental patching has been enabled for Android 11+. This will only affect future updates
  • Fixed a video memory leak which could occur with some spawn particles
  • Fixed an issue where certain TMs would have their item text run out of bounds
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Changelog: 03/06/2021


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a client crash which could occur if no PvP bans were active
  • macOS: PC UIs now allow Cmd+Click hotkeys as substitute for the Alt+Click hotkey
  • macOS: Display modes except for Windowed are now disabled.
  • macOS: Fixed an issue where, when refocusing the window after switching to a different window (e.g. via popups), when attempting to select the game client, the last button may be fired again
  • macOS: Added an option to allow low-power, integrated Intel graphics, where applicable
    • While this option is available for all macOS systems, it will only function for systems which have dual graphics available (Intel+Nvidia/AMD)
  • Desktop: Fixed various issues with transitioning between Windowed/Borderless Windowed/Fullscreen mode which could leave the game client stuck and non-interactable
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