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[Art] Mxd's Road To Getting Gud At Art

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I've been wanting to improve my art for a while now and since I got back into MMO I decided that I might as well try my hand at doing some commissions for yen. 




Read Before Ordering pls: 

  • Its upto me if I want to accept the request or not.
  • It might take me a while to get the drawing done due to uni, so pls be patient. (In any case, if I get too busy to finish the request I will inform you & if u have paid any money, i will refund it fully) 
  • Pay after I have completed the art. 
  • I may choose to post some of the commissions on my instagram (IG: Mxdh_Art) 



Packages (Prices may change in the future)


Solid colour + simple background - 250k 

Shading + detailed background - 500k

Shop banners/profile banners/drawn sigs - 600k


These include 1 character/item + 1 pokemon/item (optional). Please note that the price is not fixed and varies with difficulty and detail.  (E.g. Pokemon like Metagross, multiple pokes/characters, team banners, other) If you want to make a custom request feel free to whisper me IGN: Mxdhin, dm me on forums or hit me up on discord Mxd#1318







Clients (Completed/WIP)


1. Mikyii - 1 Chara, 1 Poke w/detailed bg

2. Goobyyy - 1 Chara, 1 Poke w/detailed bg

3. Dragotamer - 1 Ribbon (Custom) 

4. Goobyyy - 1 Chara, 1 Poke w/detailed bg 

5. DrowC - 1 Pokemon w/detailed bg

6. BaliAds - Custom Banner (WIP) 

7. Bestfriends - Custom Banner (WIP)


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