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[Shop][Sig][Art] Polikos Art Shop (Closed)

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thank you everyone who commissioned me! I hope to return again after my holiday break! Happy holidays and happy new year! May 2024 be an awesome year! 


I am Poliko, a Pokemon artist with a passion for capturing the essence of trainers and their beloved Pokemon through my artwork. It brings me great joy to announce that I am now accepting PokeYen to bring your Pokemon dreams to life!

Whether you seek a striking portrayal of your battle-hardened trainer alongside their faithful team, or you desire a nostalgic re-imagining of classic Pokemon screencaps, I am here to turn your visions into reality. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep appreciation for the rich world of Pokemon, I am committed to delivering artwork that will make both trainers and Pokemon alike come alive on the canvas. More info is below and I eagerly await to help you make your pokedreams come true!







what is a YCH? A “your character here” commission is a pose you can purchase and customize with your own trainer and choice of Pokémon! These YCH’s will change in cycles and different poses will be available in the future! 




Static Signature: 400k

Avatar: 500k
YCH"Your character here": 400k
Screencap Redraw: 500k - 700K
 "Sketch" (no color or lineart): 200K
Quick Colored Sketch (no lineart): 300k

Add ons
Extra Character: 300K+
Extra Pokemon 150K+

How to Order


Name/Team Tag:
Request: Static Signatures, Avatar, Screencap, YCH, sketch, colored sketch
Size of Signature or art:
Additional info: what pokemon you want and trainer image


Contact me on discord for fastest response!
even if you just have any questions let me know!
*completing art may take up to 2 weeks*
IGN: Poliko

Discord: ArtistPoliko


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