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  1. idk, the reason i dont plant is because how tedious it is to plant every berry then water them but i would never buy another leppa again if i could just water 12 plots instantly
  2. pokemmo post game is making money, shiny hunting and pvp. unova prob best region for this because of the berry planting spots but completing all regions is pre important so id do that first. yes u can still get a larvesta and ur pokedex will show all poke locations
  3. hidden abilities finally coming, excited to use dusknoir for thiefing 😄
  4. idk what kind of team ur making but just check gtl for most common movesets
  5. fuck the hrs and encounters shinies are rigged lmao
  6. yeah bro vc in ch1 or 5 sounds like a lot of fun
  7. yeah they gotta remove this or make it an option cuz shit is terrible lmao
  8. u shouldnt worry about pvp till after u finish the stories, you can look at gtl to see different gengars and what ivs are maxed out on it as well as different movesets ppl use on it but unless yk anything about making teams then i dont think this is the best idea ur better off copying someones team. you might not even be able to get all the moves since u need tms and tutors that teach moves only in certain regions. Story mode dont require any ivs just decent in speed and attack or special attack depending on whatever is better for the mon will help some
  9. you came back during the new anniversary event, the game doesn't go down like this normally
  10. insane ev and level training breeds god like comp teams that’ll net u a total of 0 wins but at least it wuz fast
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