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[Free][Sig] Stoic Signatures

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Hello Everyone.


I would like to create a custom signature for you for free!


This will be for a limited time until I build up a decent sized portfolio. So let me know what you'd like and I will do my best to communicate your vision through my art. Thanks.


P.S If you like the signature - any tips are greatly appreciated. Cheers! 🙂

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Hello ^^


I would like a signature with my character on the left, the name in the game on the right, with dark purple filling and a lighter tone on the edges of the letters, and a navy blue color close to black in the background, thank you very much


I hope you haven't read the original post, it's just that I made a small correction regarding the colors

Imagen de WhatsApp 2024-01-31 a las 9.11.21.jpeg

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