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all about KoTH legends

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The legendaries have a game mode that is: Battles or triple battles are a combat mode in which 3 Pokémon fight against 3, being a novelty in the video games related to the fifth generation, Pokémon Black and White. In triple battles, the position of your Pokémon on the team will matter.


Every time you win a fight, you will get one thousand battle points up to a maximum of four thousand battle points. 


We currently have 5 mythical beasts, that is, almost twenty thousand battle points per day.


Fighting legendaries increases your nerves and increases your fear that a person will challenge you to a fight


You probably never paid a bit of attention to these fights against legendaries



For a long time there was conflict between 2 people Kinzo and [confidential] It turns out that by coincidences in life, Kinzo gave command of the clan to that confidential player... kinzo was punished for past mistakes, When he returned, he came and claimed his leadership, The confidential player was angry that he made several changes that he did not like, He left the guild and founded his new guild to destroy [GØS], Now 2 clans are currently in conflict.



A player is extremely upset because his obtaining of battle points has stopped, since this person is only on the side where his obtaining of battle points is easier but now he is rejected in both guilds.



The only thing that bothers me is that the opposing team is talking badly about those from the [GØS] guild.




Please leave your opinion about what is happening in the fights against legendaries ♥︎


Are these players really worth bothering about? 


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Lucky for you... My Team TJMD is about to Disbanned tomorrow because of getting my Warned from being Derailed in Forum! Now it's only Team GØSs VS Team UBER left. The only thing left that I'm still Wishing for is to Renew this KoTH Legendary Pokémons PVP Battles & due on more Bugs Continues on Rising, I'm now being Inactive of Hunting these KoTH Pokémons & trying to Avoid being Toxicity & Arguments too! I'm happy now that my Total BPs is 1,040,000+ & it's literally Impossible now to Reach 2,000,000 BPs Total too. So goodluck with these Shenanigans with Conflict War & I'll be now playing by Sometimes now due to playing my Other Games too!


From now on! I will going to Re-Battle Red Weekly & Continuing Gaining this 7,500 BPs without Charm than getting BPs from KoTH Legendary Pokémons.

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Hm... Well it's seems no one are Revealing the Total of BPs they had in Global Chats ever since me & Cathy are being Discussed about Total BPs. I might tell her later. Thnx!

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12 hours ago, CaptnBaklava said:

La gente obtuvo más de 2 millones de BP con PvP bro. 

It's correct, pvp is already many years old, so if it is possible for people to have 1m+ of Bp, Although most of them spend it on making new equipment and continuing to win many fights. 

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On 30/3/2024 at 23:06, Kennrykake said:

Los legendarios tienen un modo de juego que es: Batallas o batallas triples es un modo de combate en el que 3 Pokémon luchan contra 3, siendo una novedad en los videojuegos relacionados con la quinta generación, Pokémon Blanco y uguu. En las batallas triples, la posición de tu Pokémon en el equipo importará.


Cada vez que ganes una pelea, obtendrás mil puntos de batalla hasta un máximo de cuatro mil puntos de batalla. 


Actualmente contamos con 5 bestias míticas, es decir, casi veinte mil puntos de batalla por día.


Pelear contra legendarios aumenta tus nervios y aumenta tu miedo a que una persona te desafíe a una pelea.


Probablemente nunca prestaste un poco de atención a estas peleas contra legendarios



Durante mucho tiempo hubo conflicto entre 2 personas Kinzo y [confidencial] Resulta que por coincidencias en la vida, Kinzo le dio el mando del clan a ese jugador confidencial... Kinzo fue castigado por errores del pasado, cuando regresó, vino y reclamó su liderazgo, El jugador confidencial estaba enojado porque hizo varios cambios que no le gustaron, Dejó el gremio y fundó su nuevo gremio para destruir [GØS], Ahora 2 clanes están actualmente en conflicto.



Un jugador está extremadamente molesto porque su obtención de puntos de batalla se ha detenido, ya que esta persona solo está en el lado donde es más fácil obtener puntos de batalla pero ahora es rechazado en ambos gremios.



Lo único que me molesta es que el equipo contrario esté hablando mal de los del gremio [GØS].




Por favor deja tu opinión sobre lo que está pasando en las luchas contra legendarios ♥︎


¿Realmente vale la pena preocuparse por estos jugadores? 


o/ I'm not mentioning any players, if you feel identified with this, it's not my problem, have a good day  🧡🙆

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