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[Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom (Closed)

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Well since you wanted me to practice with my animation, I did just that on yours. Spent the last hour and a half trying to work out a new animation and I really like how it worked out ^^







Also I am taking a break for the night will continue these tomorrow :3 I'm having a lot of fun making them


woooot thanks i like it aloooot & nice job finding that render ;p they look so cute together!

thanks for spending 1h+ on me, i'll never 4get



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woooot thanks i like it aloooot & nice job finding that render ;p they look so cute together!

thanks for spending 1h+ on me, i'll never 4get

haha they were actually separate renders which worked perfectly together, but no problem~ I'm just glad you like it



And those are paws :3 download those brushes specifically for that sig

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They look awesome so i would like one too  :D


Text: [Bong] TheChampionMike

Animated text?: Yes pls

Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Lairon

Background: Cave/Dark-ish

Anything else?: Nope

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Animated text?:yup ^^
Character/Pokemon/Whatever:something cute
Background:your choice
Anything else?:i love u huehue

I actually had a lot of fun making this one and I I decided to experiment with something new which I actually really like on this one so I hope you like it as much as I do




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Text: [PoAu] Gunthug

Animated?: Sure, if it works w/the sig :)




Background: Dealer's choice

Anything else?: If it's half as good as your writing comp entry, I'll be thrilled

Sorry for the delay. Took a few hours of a break, but I finally finished yours with the new render you sent me. I definitely though this one looked nice without animated text so I hope you like it too :3




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Text: [LYLE] xKyokatsu

Animated text?: Yes if possible

Character/Pokemon/Whatever: This:




Background: Whatever fits

Anything else?: Thanks


Alrighty finally finished this one




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in \0/


Text: [PoAu] dededoge

Animated text?: yes pls :D

Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Flareon walking on sand in a beach 

Background: Beach

Anything else?: Take your time :3

Wanted to test a new animation out for this one and let's just say it took several attempts to actually get it right xD Merging the wrong layers and all that fun stuff, but I like the end result~




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Text: DuckyMC

Pokemon Master

Animated text?: If you can, could you put a shine going through the words? Thanks!

Character/Pokemon/Whatever: I would like a Blastoise.

Background: The Pokemon League 

Anything else?: Make it look OP  ;)

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Text: [CiX] Statius

Animated text?: Yes.

Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Please use this exact picture.[spoiler]kakashi_sensei.jpg[/spoiler]

Background: Use something that looks amazing with this or just use whats given above.

Anything else?: Make it look bad ass, I know you can do it Ploooooooooog!


Even though it was a pain to cut it out, I did it o/




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