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A Beginners Guide to IVs, EVs, and Breeding

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IVs is short for Individual Values, but what are they?
Simply put, they are a value from 0-31 that the pokemon are born with. They cannot be changed in any way.
For each stat (HP, Atk, Def, Sp.Atk, Sp.Def, Speed) the pokemon will have an IV. This IV is part of what determines how high a stat can be. You don't need to worry about these calculations.
All you need to know is that 31 is the best possible IV you can get, and the closer the IVs are to that number the better the pokemon is.
If you want to go into more detail, then some IVs are good for some pokemon while others are good for others. For example, a pokemon who mainly use special moves don't need the atk stat. So there the atk IV doesn't matter. You would look at the sp. atk IV for those pokemon, and vise versa.

People use a lot of time and money to breed pokemon with perfect IVs, as that is the only way to have any control over what IVs your pokemon will have.
Since the latest update you will always see the exact IVs of any pokemon.



EVs is short for Effort Values. So what are these?
EVs like IVs increase the stats of your pokemon. 4 EVs = 1 point in the respective stat, at level 100. But unlike IVs, you have perfect control over the EVs of your pokemon.
EVs are earned when you defeat pokemon. Any pokemon that was in the battle at some point, or is holding an exp. share, will gain the EV. Your pokemon can gain 252 EVs in one stat, and 510 overall. So when people EV train a pokemon they usually focus on 2-3 stats which they want to enhance.

EV training is done by simply fighting pokemon that gives the desired EV. You can see what EV a pokemon gives in the pokedex.


EVs at level 50 (Advanced)

As competitive battling happens at level 50 in PokeMMO, it is worth looking at the effects of EVs at this level.

Basically, if you have an odd IV, the first 4 EVs = 1 stat point. After that you gain 1 stat point with every 8 EVs. So stat increases with 4/12/20/28/36/44 EVs and so forth.

When you have an even IV, you just gain a stat point every 8 EVs.


Good EV training spots/pokemon
I will only list spots/pokemon that I find to be good. Of cause there are more than what I have listed.
The rest can be found in the 'Full List's I have linked.

Full List
183.gif  2 EVs
184.gif3 EVs
Marill and Azumarill are by fare the best for training HP EVs.
They can be found by surfing in ponds in Hoenn. Best places are just north of Mauville City, or just east of Fortree City.

Full List
118.gif 1 EV
119f.gif  2 EVs
130.gif2 EVs
046.gif    1 EV
318.gif    1 EV
319.gif 2 EVs
Fishing with a Super Rod in Fuchsia Cite, Kanto, is my personal favourite spot to train Atk EVs.

You will fish up a lot of goldeen, seaking, and gyarados there. Just beware of the occasional psyduck or slowpoke.
Another popular spot is the paras tunnels at Mt. Moon, Kanto, or fishing with a Super Rod just east of Mauville City, Hoenn.


Full List
074.gif1 EV
075.gif2 EVs
324.gif 2 EVs
114.gif 1 EV
The best place by fare is the Team Magma hideout at Mt. Chimney, hoenn, just east of Lavaridge Town. There you will find geodude, graveler, and torkoal only.
Another popular spot is the tangela patch just south of Pallet Town, Kanto.

Sp. Atk
Full List
092.gif1 EV
093.gif2 EVs
Best place to train sp. atk EVs is at the pokemon tower in Lavender Town, Kanto. You will have a higher chance of encountering haunter on the top floor.


Sp. Def
Full List
072.gif1 EV
073.gif2 EVs
187.gif1 EV
Surf in any offshore water pretty much. You'll find Tentacool and Tentacruel anywhere.       
You can also use hoppip which have a 100% encounter rate at Memorial Pillar, Five Island, Kanto.


Full List
041.gif1 EV
042.gif2 EVs
050.gif 1 EV
051.gif 2 EVs

129.gif 1 EV

A very nice place is Scorched Slab, small cave east of Fortree City, Hoenn, where there is a 100% Golbat encounter rate.
Another is surfing in the inner caves (past the waterfall) at Meteor Falls, west of Fallarbor Town, Hoenn. There you will encounter Golbat 90% of the time.

You can also surf at Sootopolis City, Hoenn, which has a 100% Magikarp encounter rate. Maybe you'll get lucky and meet a shine while you train.
For Kanto, a very popular spot is the diglett tunnel just east of Vermilion City, Kanto.
Another place I like is on One Island, Kindle Road, Kanto. There you find spearow, fearow, ponyta, rapidash, meowth, and persian, who all give speed EVs.



Lastly, a pokemon holding the Macho Brace will gain the double amount of EVs from battling. However, it also greatly lowers the speed of the pokemon holding it.
It can be obtained at the house just north of Mauville City, Hoenn.
And by using the item finder in Viridian City Gym, Kanto, at the spot where Giovanni stood.




EV Reducing Berries
Don't worry if you mess up the EV training of your pokemon. They can easily be removed again.
This is done with berries. 1 berry will remove 10 EVs from its respective stat.


Berries are grown in Loamy Soil around Hoenn, by using Seeds.

To start growing berries, you need to visit the house on Route 104, south of Rustboro City, Hoenn.




Pokemon can have 25 different natures.
20 of these natures will cause a 10% increase to one stat, in return for a 10% decrease to another. The remaining 5 will not cause any stat changes.

The 25 Natures
As seen from the scheme some natures are better for specific pokemon than others.
For example, a pokemon going for atk but not sp. atk would be best off with an adamant nature, and a modest nature would be really bad for this pokemon.
It's important to take the nature into consideration, when deciding the value of a pokemon.





Breeding in Pokemmo is a little different from breeding in the normal games. The biggest different being that you will not get the parent pokemon back.

You pretty much trade them for the egg, so make sure you won't regret it later.
The two places you can breed is on Four Island, Kanto, and on route 117, between Mauville City and Verdanturf Town, Hoenn.


When you breed, the pokemon will always turn out the same as the female. There are of cause a few exceptions to this.

If you breed your pokemon with a ditto, the egg will never turn out as ditto, but always the other pokemon you used. Ditto can breed with both male and female pokemon but not with itself.

If you breed two shiny pokemon, then the egg will always be shiny.



There are different items you can make your pokemon hold when you breed.

These will help you make sure that a specific IV or nature is passed down to the offspring. These items are a one time use, and are consumed in the breeding process.

There are three kinds of items used in breeding:


The first is the braces. There is one brace for each stat, HP, Atk, Def, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, and Speed. When a pokemon hold one of these, it will pass down the IV specified by the brace to the egg without fail. If you just breed two pokemon without braces, three IVs of the parents will be passed down directly to the egg. The others will be the average of the stats. Thus, by using braces you can decide which two of the three stats should be passed down, instead of it being random.
Braces can be bought from an NPC inside the daycare center for $10000 each.


The 2nd is everstones. These are used to make sure a specific nature is passed down to the egg.
In short, if you make the female pokemon hold an everstone, the egg will have the same nature as the mother. If you breed without an everstone, the nature will be completely random, no matter what natures the parents may have.
Everstones can be found on wild Geodude and Graveler.


Ability Capsule
The 3rd is the ability capsule. It can be used to change the ability of a pokemon, if it has more than one possible ability.
An example of this could be Growlithe. It can have both Intimidate or Flash Fire as it's ability. So if after breeding it doesn't have the ability that you wish for, you can change it with the ability capsule. There is an 80% chance that the egg will inherit the ability of the mother.
Ability capsules can be bought from an NPC inside the daycare center for $35000 each.



When you start the breed, an interface will pop up. Here you're asked to drag the two pokemon you wish to breed.
Left and right you see the mother and father pokemon, and in the middle the offspring and what species it will be.

For the offspring you can see the IVs. The green IVs are those locked with braces. You can hover over the rest of the IV ranges to see the % chance of the IVs possible.
Next is the list of moves the offspring will inherit from the parents. Moves in green are those which are inherited.
Then there is the nature. If none of the parent pokemon are holding an everstone, this will be random.

So if you're satisfied you press "Breed".        

Gender Cost

When you receive the egg, you can choose which gender it should have for a fee.
If you intend to breed it further, it is advised to make it female to make it easier for yourself.


% chance for female        |     Cost of male     |     Cost of female
           75%                |           $9000         |           $5000
           50%                |           $5000         |           $5000
           25%                |           $5000         |           $9000
          12.5%                |           $5000         |           $21000





Egg Groups
For two pokemon to be able to breed, they must be from the same egg group. Again, ditto is an exception as it can breed with everything but itself.
You can see the different egg groups here:
Water 1
Water 2
Water 3


The above are the normal egg groups, but there are also three special ones:

Ditto > Contains only ditto. Can breed with any other egg group but it's own.
Genderless > Can only breed with ditto. They may still be found in other groups, but the ditto rule still apply. Always check if the pokemon you're planning to breed is in this group.
Undiscovered > Cannot breed at all.



Finally if you want to learn how to breed the perfect 6x31 pokemon I would suggest that you read this guide:
6x31 Breeding Guide



So good luck to you all and have fun! :)



Thanks to:


OrangeManiac (input on lvl 50 EVs and Speed training spots)

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Good summary about everything relevant in one guide, good job.


A couple of things: For speed EV training the easiest place to reach is Scorched Slab (east from Fortree the little cave, 100% Golbat encounter). Sootopolis Magikarp is cool if you wanna get lucky with shinies or want easy KOs.


Also for the EVs you correctly stated that 4 EVs add 1 stat in lv 100s. However, as PokeMMO comp is played at lv 50 it could be mentioned how EVs work at lv 50. Basically if you have an ODD IV the first 4 EVs add you 1 stat but after that you increase a stat with every 8 EVs (so stat increases with 4/12/20/28/36/44 and so forth). When you have an EVEN IV you just add a stat every 8 EVs. It's a minor thing but perhaps worth a mention.


edit: Also for the IV part, it's a small trivial thing but with 31 IV your stat of the Pokemon will be base stat + 20. And at lv 50 2 IVs lower always means one stat lower with same amount of EVs. Maybe too trivial, I know.

Edited by OrangeManiac
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Thanks Rozennia ^^ Hope some people will find it useful.


1 hour ago, OrangeManiac said:

edit: Also for the IV part, it's a small trivial thing but with 31 IV your stat of the Pokemon will be base stat + 20. And at lv 50 2 IVs lower always means one stat lower with same amount of EVs. Maybe too trivial, I know.

Thanks ^^ But don't think I'll added that as the guide is mostly minded at beginners and don't want to confuse them too much with numbers ^^'

Thanks for the inputs though. Is very much appreciated

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