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  1. Wouldn't really use individual case examples in a comp. discussion thread, ever. Short answer is no, you can list literally endless amount of cases where a supposed counter may fall to some RNG - it's just the nature of the game. Competitive tiering discussions are done looking at a performance of a Pokemon in a longer period, if Serene Grace Togekiss was clearly "overpowering" it would be one of the most used Pokemon in the game. It's not even close. The whole idea of handcrafted nerfs to Serene Grace is just big nope, doing any non-canon nerfs is a horrible idea in general and even more so if it's done to something that isn't even broken.
  2. I don't think I necessarily support a rule. Anyone should be able to host events whenever they want. However, if someone is going against the general consensus of the community whether their event should be even organized right now then they shouldn't expect a high amount of community participation and also not to expect their event to be considered all that legitimate by the broader competitive community. But anyone can and should be allowed to host their casual event whenever they want, I don't think we can really object to that.
  3. I get that you would have to disqualify people from the tournament they were not allowed to participate in and warn them not to do it again because there is a rule for that - but disqualifying someone from a victory they had achieved before completely legally is a very serious punishment. And the problem here is that disqualifying someone from a legally obtained victory isn't just a procedural decision anymore, it is clearly a punishment. How on earth does intent not come into play when you are deciding when and how to punish people? I know some people might argue "you are supposed to know you can't play qualifiers if you already qualified!". Except in competitive circuits of many different games you actually can, official Pokemon circuit included. So for the sake of appearing in any way as a credible tournament hosting organisation, please revise this decision like you did about Queest vs YuoZ.
  4. I have no vested interest about this, I know neither of these people but this just seems wrong. For a good while, reading forums hasn't been a must to participate in PvP play so I think it's unreasonable to punish people for not having read this clause on a forum thread. There was no malicious intent with this either, if people were trying to be deceptive they would use alts to play other qualifiers but these players used their main accounts so they clearly weren't aware of this rule. I don't understand why this rule exists to begin with, in previous seasonals if an invite holder won another qualifier the invite went to the next reserve. But if you must have this rule you have to have this enforced in the in-game client, preventing people with an invite from even queueing to the tournament.
  5. Don't get me wrong, seeing all these unofficial tournaments hosted by the community is great. Only issue is that this is getting way too disorganized now. It's not great to have plethora of major events going at once - it hinders the experience for both the events going on previously and also the new ones. The problem is that there is no organization between different tournament hosts and people just release long tournament series without really discussing until the main thread of the event is released. That's why I'm suggesting we should open (preferably pinned thread) to unofficial tournaments where people can share their ideas of a tournament they wanna host and community members can give feedback whether they are willing to participate in it and when would be a good time to start the tournament series. Hosts for different events could also potentially set up a concrete yearly calendar about events so it doesn't get so clustered and confused like it is now. Also, something I really think this community should get rid of is the "first come, first serve" basis for major events. It almost feels like whenever a major event like PSL ends, people are instantly rushing in with a new event after it just so that other people won't manage to host their events in time. I think a proper community wide discussion thread would help out here massively. Tell me what you think.
  6. The level of irony in telling people to go outside while shitposting on forums of a fan-made Pokemon game is quite incredible.
  7. Wow okay so that might be just one of the worst posts I have ever seen in suggestion forums and I don't make this claim easily. Let me just go through this bit by bit. While competitive players primarily expect the most common set for a Pokemon, the level of uncertainty often causes players in many cases to play cautiously because they are not sure of its build until it uses an attack or it is attacked. Being certain of the nature negates any uncertainty in this regard and allows the opponent to skip the "cautious scouting turn" which in many high tempo matches can be a huge benefit. Also, if you're playing like you always assume every opposing Pokemon to have its meta-build, then I'm guessing you have rarely made past round 3 of any tournament. Just the possibility of a changed nature would keep opponent being unsure of its nature and forces them to play more cautiously. Again, it is different that a player knows a Pokemon is "one of these four possible natures" than "I know for a fact my opponent is Adamant". There is a huge difference. And I can't believe I have to spell this out. Then just speaking anecdotally for a second, how come you can claim that playing while knowing or not knowing the nature of your gift shiny is effectively the same. How many gift shinies do you have? Or any competitive achievements in general? Do you have any first hand experience of being in this scenario? As far as searching your name, you definitely don't as I don't see you have won a single thing but please correct me if I'm wrong. Meanwhile, I have had multiple cases where players have said their knowledge of my nature in my shiny affected the decision they went for in a battle. While, I could have easily avoided this by not using a shiny in a battle to begin with, I still think shinies are the desired trophies in this game that should be encouraged to be used and a disadvantage like this certainly isn't helping with it. Being retroactively able to change the nature would fix this issue to some extent, although I am a realist and don't really expect this to ever happen.
  8. Yes it does make sense. The problem with gift shinies (and being locked to one specific nature) is that it doesn't take long until every player in the game knows the nature of your gift shiny and it puts the player using it in a disadvantage. Being able to change the nature would solve this issue and make gift shinies actually competitively viable. Now, I am aware the devs probably are not going to implement something this specific and a thing that affects such a small number of the playerbase but assuming that having your gift shiny being locked to the nature you decide from the beginning doesn't have any downsides is just wrong.
  9. Can someone ping me when they discover an Audino pheno, I finally wanna complete my dex but reading Global hurts my soul :l

  10. A small QoL-feature that I think would be nice is having a toggle on the Pokemon's move window to prevent learning any new level up moves. Honestly, even more time consuming than leveling up a baby Pokemon all the time is to press cancel on like a million level up moves which just feels so annoying and pointless. Also useful when you already have your moveset ready and you wanna save a bit of time. It's not that clicking cancel a million times is even MMO-related grind, it's really just a major inconvenience and rather major annoyance when doing any breeds with species that have a baby Pokemon form. I don't know if this has ever been suggested, did a few search words and found nothing related.
  11. Team Name: Solemn Promise Team Tag: [VOW] Registered Players: CHUCKunso, Senjutsuka, OrangeManiac, Draekyn, Hysteriantics, TohnR, Sargeste, Forfiter, Abstractt, Imabetheverybest, JeanMarcH, DridrigoFK, Zigh, Rynners, EricTheGreat, StriderxD, Isperea, TheSosukeAizen, Artemiseta, Parke Team Captain: Draekyn
  12. While only a handful of Hidden Abilities and later gen abilities were released recently, it is already clear that the impact they caused to all of the tiers is significant and will be in the future. The lower tiers are currently in an absolute chaos and that is an understatement. The idea of entire tier reset has been throwing around here and there but that discussion can be stopped because today Kyu dropped an absolute bombshell of an update saying new Hidden Abilities will be gradually introduced to the game little by little. While we cannot know the exact frequency how often this will happen, I would still argue this changes everything. PokeMMO's tiering was designed around expecting stability and supporting stability. The usage movements done every 3 months were done so that Pokemon near the cut-off point wouldn't be constantly moved between two tiers every month while people in the lower tiers had to constantly redesign their teams unsure if a Pokemon is going up or down a tier each month. Only exceptions were done monthly if something had suddenly over 6,7% usage in a month to raise a tier or 1,7% usage in a month to lower a tier because this indicated a high likelyhood a Pokemon would be moved in the next 3-month-cycle. This system provided competitive play and tiering needed stability. That stability is gone. Not only does it take months for people to discover the full potential of released Pokemon, every new addition shakes everything even more. Because stability no longer is a reasonable goal for lower tiers in this game, the only reasonable option is to abandon that 3-month system altogether. The tiering moves have to happen monthly for now. It makes no sense people have to play lower tiers knowing that the Pokemon they have to prepare in lower tiers is going to be staple in the higher tiers but due to the 3-month-rule it may take up to 3 months of suffering with a Pokemon that you know you only need to temporarily prepare against. Also it simply leads to very weird looking tiers. You may have some old outdated relics in higher tier while having Pokemon that gained incredible boost with updates in lower tiers and you would have to wait for months for things to stabilize because you cannot really make an argument for a ban with the current tiering policies (looking at you UU Alakazam and "NU" Espeon). These kinds of things take away the whole point of tiering and makes the tiering system look incredibly chaotic and pointless to any competitive player with reasonable experience and also takes away the whole purpose tiers were designed. While we're in this chaotic time (meaning new things coming in constantly), you have to update at least OU tierlist monthly. This would at least start to formulate some kind of a shape to UU tier, which then could potentially create a playable NU tier. Also the amount of data OU matchmaking gives every month is by numbers reasonable enough to make decisions based off on monthly usage. Other issue that needs to be addressed are quickbans. While before in the stable era of tiering, quickbans should be used sparingly because you had to get that certain level of certainty and evaluation of whether a threat is broken not only on paper but also in practice but now we simply don't have that stability to make those assessments. Rather, there are so many potentially broken threats in the metagame that it is almost impossible to create and evaluate a potential suspect test when people are preparing for tons of potentially banworthy things at once. In other words, you cannot tell if a metagame went better during a suspect test if all that was done during that suspect test was focusing some other broken threat more. This kind of a suspect test could indicate a metagame went worse during a suspect test due to more centralized usage, while in reality people were just using more resources to focus on another broken threat, which by looking at the usage would indicate a worse metagame than before. What this all means is that suspect tests during a chaotic period of a metagame can be useless or even counter-productive to the true evaluation of whether a tier has improved due to a ban or not. The solution to this is simply that Tier Council makes difficult decisions they think are right, even if they are made too quickly. If a Pokemon seems too strong for the community and for the Tier Council, it is better to let it go. This all can be revised when a certain level of stability has been reached. But currently we cannot get overly diplomatic about every single Pokemon - if it seems too strong it deserves to be gone. The point of Tier Council is to be competitive experts and to analyze if a Pokemon is too strong for the metagame and can it be reasonably handled, it is not to point out that every 3 months usage will do the work for us. Difficult decisions must be made but in the current state of the game it's better to make a couple of hasty decisions than doing nothing because otherwise the lower tiers will remain in a constant unplayable chaos state.
  13. Oh I completely forgot all discussion happened here, my bad. I think the key point is that Espeon undeniably is a better Alakazam now. It makes no sense having Espeon in a lower tier than Alakazam, when they are similar at their role but Espeon's ability makes it far more useful. It's not necessarily that Espeon is "broken" but having it in NU makes no sense from tiering perspective.
  14. Espeon at least to BL2 for now, I don't think I even need to explain this one. edit: oh there was Espeon already mentioned in the other thread my bad
  15. bro why did you nuke Electrode then
  16. Serperior currently has June usage of 1,20% in OU. Contrary takes 73,68% of Serp's usage so it's safe to say this usage is after the update and the Overgrow is before the update. By this, it is reasonable to assume post-update Serp's usage for whole June has been 1,2% * 0,7368 = 0,88%. Update was released 24th of June, which means Contrary Serp has been available for 6 days, which is 6/30 days of June so 1/5th of the available days in June. If it is assumed Contrary Serp was available for the whole month, Contrary Serp's usage would have been 4,4%. And this all is also despite the fact that during the event people play matchmaking far less so less usage accounts to the statistics after the event was released, as well as Serp's being less available for less wealthy players due to expenses. TL;DR It is already evident that Serperior is going to OU. Just ban it from the UU in the meantime so people don't have to teambuild against a broken threat that will be guaranteed to leave the tier anyways in a month of two.
  17. I like World Cup as an idea more because we already have team tournaments to decide the best in-game team of the game. The only issue is that as far as I'm perceiving most players in this community, they would rather play with their in-game teammates than with their countrymen/countrywomen. Generally the players who want World Cup often already share a team with people in their country, so for them it's not really an issue either way. So I think "PSL Teams" (a name which I don't like btw because for me PSL implies auctioning of players etc.) is better for this community because people seem far more motivated about their own in-game team than representing their country/region.
  18. https://www.twitch.tv/naranjamaniaco Practicing for Worlds
  19. This is definitely true, however I somehow can't seem to understand why UU is getting dumpstered while we have to wait for things to go OU by usage. Can't we make Pokemon OU that are going to go OU by usage with almost full certainty? And if in some rare instance we are wrong, then I guess we can let those Pokemon to be tested if they fall below the OU usage. But it feels weird precedent what we're having that before things are going to OU (which depends on the time of release can take multiple months), they are slugged through UU testing while everyone who has played Pokemon for more than 12 ladder games realize there is no way in the universe these Pokemon aren't getting OU usage. Why is UU being treated this horribly?
  20. I think Serp should be banned from UU immediately. Sure, it has some technical counters like Crobat and Mandibuzz but it would centralize an already messed up metagame to a ridiculous extent. Contrary Serp has been OU in Gen 6 and Gen 7, metas with incredibly high power level and it was always limited to its full potential by Chansey/Blissey, yet still was incredibly strong. I think Serp needs those special blob in the tiers to not run over things with minimal effort, or have people dedicate their full teams to make sure this thing just doesn't run them over. I'd argue it's easily Offensive Ubers in UU (sweeps a significant portion of the metagame with little to no effort) but even if that definition was stretched to the max, there is no way you could argue this thing wouldn't be at least unhealthy for teambuilding.
  21. Contrary Serperior is going to be quite nutty in Doubles
  22. Yeah well Contrary Serp has been Smogon OU since it was released and the power levels there are miles above what we have here so it's almost self-evident it'll be insanely strong
  23. wow you're mean, not gonna send a christmas card this year
  24. Took me 5954 hours for my first OT shiny. give me sympathy pls
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