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Changelog: 23/07/2019


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Changelog: August 14th, 2019



  • Added Characteristics, the most important feature of the game
  • Initial support for Discord "Rich Presence"
    • This feature is optional, and may be toggled in the Settings menu
  • Added "Share" functionality for Android in some locations


  • The minimum Java version has been increased to Java 8.
    • This does not affect modern Desktop installations or Android platforms. This primarily affects portable / legacy PokeMMO installations prior to 2016.
    • This is increased from Java 7. For affected Java 7 systems, please update to Java 8 using https://java.com or redownload the installer package from https://pokemmo.eu/downloads

Bug Fixes

  • Improved support for keyboard input/controllers in many UIs
  • Fixed screenshot alpha channels
  • Many other minor changes
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