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  1. Hey bestfriends hope life is treating ya well o/

    1. Bestfriends


      Life has been treating me alright, how about yourself? It has been a while since we spoke.

  2. I remember you from a long time ago! How have you been Rachel?

    1. FrankIero


      woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooah hey buddy im sorry it took me literal months to respond, i dont check this place often :') and i remember you too mate. i've been great actually. how about you? can't believe you're still not bored of this place yet

    2. Bestfriends


      I am doing well thanks. Lets say that there is a certain amount of drive I have in life that keeps me playing. The community recently elected me as Mayor of PokeMMO, so I am quite the busy guy now. Stay tuned for further developments from the Mayor's Office. If your interested, you can check out my new Mayor Bestfriends YouTube channel. These videos take time to produce, but my council and I discuss scripts before we make and publish a video. I have lots of plans for the community from here on.

  3. Its gone, team alomomomomomomola and the other ones are gone sad sad sad

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    2. Munya


      PM me on here or get steam, skype literally crashes my pc after its been opened so i uninstalled it.

    3. FrankIero


      wow make me go to effort FINE

    4. Munya


      steam is fantastic

  4. I just saw that and came here to say hi to this legendary player.

  5. i hope one day in the future you log in to reminisce and see all the damn messages i left in your inbox

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    2. Munya


      Oh, I thought you were like, already on

    3. FrankIero


      hell no lmao

    4. Munya


      Wow, just wow

  6. WOW lmao i laughed too hard at this she has a partner (15 yrs together, never married) who is alive but she has ex husbands who are dead
  7. i've been helping my nan move from a nursing home into a small flat we built in our backyard so we can look after her, and giygas found this really old dictionary, opened it to see what was inside and found this handwritten on the inside cover [spoiler] [/spoiler] the word's definition isn't in the dictionary, and i can't help but wonder what compelled a 77 year old woman to write this word down. why did she need to remember it???
  8. when off topic comes back can we have a cringe thread so i can post this
  9. something edgy and/or insightful

  10. turkey is a shithole and no one cares about you
  11. is dk rare or.... u just like bananas? it's hard for an australian to tell what is rare in america :(
  12. omg we went to our local target today to see if they had any golden mario amiibo left over (they didnt) but found a damn goldmine for rare amiibo [spoiler] [/spoiler] we bought like $200 worth [spoiler] [/spoiler] n now this is our collection (obv not complete, but im very happy with what we have so far, and yoshi is the only one i've taken out of the box but we plan to buy another one later) [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  13. It's vry good, i'm in luv with yoshi so i'm gonna like it either way though. good as any other yoshi game. i just finished world one, the levels have good design, not too hard but then again only world one lel. i've been playing mostly 2 player, but i did 2 levels on my own and used my yoshi amiibo to get a second yoshi, that was actually kinda hard to control lel. at the beginning you can pick from green pink or blue yoshi to play as (player two is forced into red) then when you collect all 5 yarn things in each level you "unlock" a different pattern yoshi to play as (player 2 can also switch now) but imo no design is as good as plain light blue yoshi. the only amiibo i have tried is the normal yoshi one, because someone won't let me take our others out of the original packaging, so i can't say much for how good the different amiibo yarn yoshi designs are. all in all, good platformer, fun and cute, gr8 to play with friends, not so fun if you want all the collectables o-ok
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