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  1. Hey bestfriends hope life is treating ya well o/

    1. Bestfriends


      Life has been treating me alright, how about yourself? It has been a while since we spoke.

  2. I remember you from a long time ago! How have you been Rachel?

    1. FrankIero


      woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooah hey buddy im sorry it took me literal months to respond, i dont check this place often :') and i remember you too mate. i've been great actually. how about you? can't believe you're still not bored of this place yet

    2. Bestfriends


      I am doing well thanks. Lets say that there is a certain amount of drive I have in life that keeps me playing. The community recently elected me as Mayor of PokeMMO, so I am quite the busy guy now. Stay tuned for further developments from the Mayor's Office. If your interested, you can check out my new Mayor Bestfriends YouTube channel. These videos take time to produce, but my council and I discuss scripts before we make and publish a video. I have lots of plans for the community from here on.

  3. Its gone, team alomomomomomomola and the other ones are gone sad sad sad

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    2. Munya


      PM me on here or get steam, skype literally crashes my pc after its been opened so i uninstalled it.

    3. FrankIero


      wow make me go to effort FINE

    4. Munya


      steam is fantastic

  4. I just saw that and came here to say hi to this legendary player.

  5. i hope one day in the future you log in to reminisce and see all the damn messages i left in your inbox

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    2. Munya


      Oh, I thought you were like, already on

    3. FrankIero


      hell no lmao

    4. Munya


      Wow, just wow

  6. something edgy and/or insightful

  7. fremdschämen (German) Verb (reflexive, informal) to feel ashamed about something someone else has done; to be embarrassed because someone else has embarrassed himself (and doesn't notice)
  8. damn, i've never watched that before, i just wanted to have cheren say something overly dramatic trying to cover up that he threw the match rip plagiarism
  9. this is my first time entering in one of these competitions so go soft on me (lookin @ u grampaaa) feel free to fix my spelling + grammar or whatever but dont tell me to change my british spelling u silly americans [spoiler] “The winner is the challenger, James from Nuvema Town.” James sighed with relief; he had won. He flashed a smile to the announcer before calling his Oshawott back into its Pokéball. His opponent Serena, one of the Gym Trainers of Aspertia Gym, called back her fainted Patrat before walking across the arena to where James was standing. “That was a superb battle,” she said, holding out her hand. James shook it and nodded. “Thanks, you were really tough.” “Are you ready for Cheren?” she asked. James glanced to the side of the arena where Cheren, the current Gym Leader, was sitting in the stands, watching the battle. James nodded. “He looked impressed,” Serena smiled. “He’ll definitely take you as a challenger.” “I hope so,” replied James. “I’ve been training for ages for this gym battle.” “You look so alike,” she said. “The black hair, the glasses. If only you dressed smarter, you’d be twins.” “Like I’d want to be twins with that guy,” James joked. Serena giggled and waved before jogging off the arena and leaving through a side door. James stood still, waiting to hear Cheren’s decision. He didn’t see why Cheren wouldn’t let him challenge the gym; he had defeated both of the Gym Trainers after all, but he still felt nervous as Cheren made his way down the stands. The announcer walked across the arena to meet up with Cheren at the barricade. After a moment of hushed conversation, the announcer made his way back to James. “Sorry, kid, it’s a no-go.” James saw red. “Why not? I defeated his stupid Gym Trainers!” “I know, but Cheren’s the boss and he said no.” James spun around to Cheren who was walking away with his back to the arena. “Cheren!” he yelled. “Stop being a coward and fight me!” Cheren paused for a moment, as if considering whether to reply or not, before turning around. “You’re not ready.” “I got my Pokémon, I trained for weeks, and I beat your Gym Trainers. I’m ready!” “No,” Cheren shook his head. “I won’t allow it. Come back when you’re older.” James took a few steps towards the stands. “I’m more than old enough to start getting badges and you know it, now fight me!” Cheren smiled and shook his head. “Sorry, little brother, but you’re just not ready.” He turned to leave. “Coward,” James said just loudly enough for Cheren to hear. “What?” “You’re a coward! You won’t fight me because you’re scared. You’re scared that I’ll be better than you at being a trainer, and a Gym Leader.” Cheren spun around. “Fine, you think you’re ready, I’ll show you.” He leapt over the barrier separating them and stalked to his position on the arena. James smiled to himself. He knew that only one thing would get Cheren to fight him, and that was saying the magic word; coward. The announcer gave a quizzical look to Cheren, who nodded curtly, before making his way to the middle of the arena. James hurried back to his position. “This will be a battle between Cheren, the Leader of Aspertia City Gym, and James from Nuvema Town. When both parties are ready, commence the battle.” The announcer stepped out of the arena and stood to the side. Cheren wasted no time whipping out his first Pokéball and tossing it straight into the air. His Patrat landed on its feet with grace. James pulled a Pokéball from his waistband and gave it a quick kiss before throwing it. His Purrloin landed close to Patrat, softly purring its name. “Patrat, use Work Up!” Cheren called without hesitation. “Fury Swipes, Purrloin!” James ordered. Purrloin danced forward, swiping at Patrat with her sharp claws three times before Patrat was able to dodge backwards. James calculated that he had taken out around one sixth of its health. Cheren chuckled. “Weak… Patrat, keep using Work Up.” “Scratch attack!” Purrloin moved forward again, but this time Patrat was too fast. He dodged out of her way as her claws were swiping at him. “One more Work Up, Patrat.” “Try scratch again!” This time it hit. Purrloin scratched Patrat across his face, leaving him with only a third of his health “Now Patrat, use Tackle!” Patrat charged at Purrloin at full speed. Purrloin tried to dodge, but was hit on her hide with the force of a lead pipe. Purrloin went rolling across the arena, winded. “Purrloin are you okay?” James called. Purrloin slowly got to her feet and meowed. She had been taken down to about one tenth of health “Good, hit him with another fury swipes!” This time, Purrloin was able to hit Patrat four times. He was able to hold on with one hit point. “He’s weak Purrloin, just hold on.” “It’s no use, James. Patrat, one more tackle should do it.” Patrat ran at Purrloin, who was too weak to dodge. She was hit again at full force, and this time wasn’t able to get up. “Patrat is the winner!” the announcer called. James called Purrloin back into her Pokéball. “Doesn’t matter!” he called. “I was just using her first so I could save the best for last. Go, Oshawott!” James threw his second Pokéball in the air. His Oshawott did a mid-air somersault before landing next to the tired Patrat. “Finish it off with a Tackle, Oshawott!” Oshawott slammed its body into Patrat’s, who immediately collapsed. The announcer held out his arm to James “The winner is Oshawott!” Cheren smirked at James. “This means nothing. Now face my Lillipup!” He tossed his Pokéball into the air, and Lillipup popped out barking happily. “Lillipup, use Work Up!” “Your strategy is stale,” James called across the arena to Cheren. “Oshawott, use Water Gun.” Oshawott sent a small jet of water at Lillipup. It hit him on the chest, taking out what James assumed to be a bit more than a third of his health. “Your Oshawott is strong, but I can risk another turn. Work Up again.” James knew that Oshawott was still weak from its last battle with Serena, and wouldn’t be able to survive a boosted attack from Lillipup. “You might be onto something, brother. Oshawott, use Focus Energy!” Oshawott stood still, focusing on Lillipup, finding the best spot to hit him. “Lillipup use tackle!” Lillipup ran at Oshawott, but he was able to dodge just in time. “Oshawott, water gun!” Again a jet of water was sent at Lillipup, this time at its hind legs. A critical hit! Lillipup collapsed. “No!” Cheren called. “Lillipup no! Get up!” But Lillipup had run out of hit points. The announcer held his arm up to James again. “Lillipup is unable to battle. The challenger, James from Nuvema Town, is the winner!” Cheren fell to his knees in disbelief. The announcer stood around awkwardly, not knowing what to do. James called back Oshawott before making his way over to the other side of the arena. He silently placed a hand on Cheren’s shoulder. “How did you do it?” Cheren asked. “You shouldn’t have won… You just got lucky.” “But stuff like that happens all the time,” James answered confidently. “Critical hits, missing and dodging, switching out. There are so many things that can affect a battle that are completely out of your control, and happen at random sometimes. That’s what helps make battling fun.” “Sometimes I think you deserve this gym more than me,” Cheren moped. “Nah,” James said. “Like you said, I just got lucky. I’m nowhere near strong enough to win as often as you. But one day I will be, then we can have a rematch.” Cheren looked up at his younger brother and smiled before getting to his feet. “You’re right,” he said, holding out his hand. James took his hand for a handshake, but noticed that the Basic Badge had just been handed to him. “Congratulations, here is your first Gym Badge. I look forward to our rematch.” James nodded and pulled his older brother into a hug. “Thank you,” he whispered into his older brother’s ear. “For what?” Cheren whispered back. “For letting me win.” [/spoiler] Word count: 1352 Words IGN: FrankIero
  10. *smacks u upside the head*

    1. FrankIero


      *takes it like a lil uguu*

      wats up sushi

  11. "what means winterbrah" my new fave
  12. (after linking Lead Balloon in channel chat) then he asked to see any more of my shinies, i showed him what i have (rattata, wooper, slowbro, golduck & persian nothing special) so there you have it guys if the shinies you own aren't your OT you must have scammed them
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