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  1. I'm going to miss those Basculin, but you deserved this one. Now retire in peace 💖
  2. Live look at Kyu and the staff team while we await part 3:
  3. the game has been out since 2012, most suggestions are things they've already read or "add johto because.." they're probably happy with less suggestions being made
  4. Happy to have spent 2 of the 10 years with Mr, I expect to see all of us here for the 20 Year Anniversary ❤️
  5. This conversation is a good example of why we typically ask for more transparency/communication, this isn't something I considered prior to this thread. If your goal is to eventually work on future generations, which I had assumed were out of the picture, I understand wanting to have something lined up for the year(s) it would take. On the topic of staggering abilities, are you able to share how often new alphas will become available after the event, and how the species will be decided for the swarms?
  6. "Hidden Abilities give us an opportunity to extend the lifespan of the game by continually introducing new batches of metagame-changing monsters, before we eventually introduce new generations." I understood these comments as hidden abilities are ready, but won't be released until later dates to keep us playing the game for longer & extending the game's lifespan. I don't understand that as the reason to stagger the release of hidden abilities, because your game isn't dying anytime soon and you've shown you are capable of making interesting content, so there's no reason to believe you won't continue doing so in the future to keep the game alive. If you want to go into other reasons to keep hidden abilities unreleased, such as how it would affect the meta or in what ways they should be released, that'd be a different conversation. My comments were just in regards to the game's lifespan and stalling content to keep it alive.
  7. My comments were in reference to having content ready to be released, but not releasing it in order to keep us playing the game for longer. You're stalling the progression of your own game to keep us interested in features that were teased 4 years ago. We're 10 years into the game and the only solution to the content drought is to keep core game mechanics from releasing, which is odd because you've shown the ability to create interesting/engaging content/events when you actually try. My perspective would be to release the basic mechanics that were teased 4 years ago, and focus more on the custom content you've shown the ability to make interesting.
  8. Just a heads up, Skarmory doesn't learn Body Press here, only moves from gen 1-5 are available
  9. I don't disagree with you, but I'd be lying to say I don't enjoy these events regardless of how repetitive the strategy is. It's one of the few times each year we actually have something going on, and although improvements are always good, I don't feel it's bad enough to warrant throwing out the system & replacing it. Minor tweaks such as untradable medallions as K9 suggested would be interesting, but nobody has really provided solutions to the repetitive problem. The main point of my comment was directed towards Poufilou and their everlasting grudge for anyone who has money in PokeMMO, because although you agree a new player with storymons shouldn't defeat an event boss, it seems they are consistently in favor of every feature being accessible to every player, while suggesting ideas that always accomplish the opposite of their goal.
  10. How would this solve the issue of the non-hardcore players being left out? If this is how the event worked, all those poor noobs who spent their money on Chansey/Togekiss/Blissey would have to find a way to make 3 new Pokemon whenever the boss introduces new moves/mechanics/Pokemon. This suggestion just further separates the people who can afford to breed whatever they need, and those who can't. I think the event is fine. New players have 2 weeks to breed 3 very common Pokemon, who don't need to be perfect. Experienced players get to farm the boss and make money (Poufilou is shaking) and everyone can fight the gym leaders for profit.
  11. since both parents need to be Alpha to pass down the attribute, are all of my pokemon betas? ?
  12. you just made me tear up juaske
  13. I take back all of the mean things I've said
  14. Paul

    Vanity Thread

    please @Darkshade
  15. You can mail them to your other account from any PC, and it's perfectly legal
  16. I believe the event will be similar to Halloween; Mini-game for newer players with a boss for the experienced players to farm. I'm really banking on some good vanity items. Here is a video explaining my thoughts on the event (not a Capybara eating a watermelon for 27 minutes)
  17. Thank you for your donation ?
  18. take I should clarify I was betting on it taking longer than 3 days, not sooner. Not sure if we're on the same page there
  19. I'll take both these bets ?
  20. i don't know if you knew this, but not everyone lives in New York & it's still an illegal drug in many places. Smoke a blunt and cry about it
  21. your persistence is a real inspiration to me
  22. "The UFO Hat now has a triggerable animation" Finally the best item in the game gets a buff, thanks Kyu
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