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  1. I used to collect baseball cards of players who exist in the universe..
  2. It already happened lol Congratulations to Raaidn for taking first. DrCraig did his best but it wasn't good enough. 2nd place doh.
  3. 3 1/2 hours out! 9 open spots. Some will have byes if it doesn't fill.
  4. We are allegiant. We are a team. We are hosting a tourney. The tournament will take place 5/24 at 6 PM Central, 7 PM Eastern Details : 32 players 6v6 Tournament Mode 3 UUs and 3 OUs per team (Can use more UUs/NUs, but no more than 3 OUs per team) Indigo Plateau Ch6 Clauses: Sleep/OHKO/Pristine/Species/Hax Item/Evasion/Bag Item/Time/Self KO List of Clauses and what they mean Tournament Mode will be used for all duels. Banned Moves: Hyper Beam Banned Pokemon: Wobbuffet Curse on Snorlax Tyranitar Prize: 1st: 250k 2nd: 50k You may sign up now. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.
  5. Yeah Emlee, they meant that you can meet new people via mutual friends. The friends of your friends.
  6. To be honest, this seems like you basically think "There are things I'd rather have so no", which is significantly more selfish than suggesting this idea. Basically your counter of it is to use a third party program. And to use your own argument against you with the secret base thing " you can just go to an abandoned channel, and tell your friend's to meet you there, and just use the normal chat, who's going to be around? It's essentially the same thing" +1 To the idea though. It would be useful.
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