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  1. How have you been?

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    2. Sakura


      pretty good, just busy with life lel

    3. Sakura


      kili u uguu can u not

    4. Kiliminati


      sorry little flower

  2. hue look at my profile xD it's a homage to you

    1. Sakura


      LOL LUBB YOU <3

    2. Toira


      LUBB YOU TOO <3

  3. I lied. I'm not evil at all

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    2. Sakura


      mfw you just did

    3. FlareBlitzz


      I SAID I CANT :<

    4. fredrichnietze


      darn i thought the evil inducing drugs i slipped into the water supply was working!

  4. Registration: Date: Tuesday 11th November Time: 5:00 PM EST | GMT 10:00 PM A few days early m8
  5. Congratulations to raaidn for 1st place and DestructX for 2nd Thanks to everyone who showed up~
  6. Details: 32 Players Unlimited Reserves 6v6 UU Tournament Single Battle Level 50 Date + Time: Date: Tuesday 4th November Time: 4:00 PM EST | GMT 9:00 PM Registration: Date: Sunday 2nd November Time: 4:00 PM EST | GMT 9:00 PM Location: Silph CO, Channel 7 Clauses: Sleep/OHKO/Pristine/Species/Hax Item/Evasion/Bag Item/Time/Self KO/Baton Pass List of Clauses and what they mean Banned moves : Rain Dance Torment Baton Pass Banned Pokemon: [spoiler] Aerodactyl Alakazam Arcanine Blissey Breloom Chansey Charizard Crobat Dodrio Dragonite Dugtrio Dusclops Espeon Exeggutor Gengar Granbull Gyarados Hariyama Heracross Houndoom Jolteon Jumpluff Jynx Kangaskhan Kingdra Lapras Ludicolo Machamp Marowak Rhydon Salamence Scizor Skarmory Slaking Slowbro Slowking Smeargle Snorlax Starmie Tauros Tyranitar Umbreon Ursaring Vaporeon Venusaur Weezing Wobbuffet [/spoiler] Prize: 1st: Shiny Venonat 2nd: 500 RP Registration Method: Post your IGN in this thread once registration has occurred. I will allow two sign ups per forum account, given they are in different posts. Test posting in this thread will result in being unable to participate in the tournament. Please only sign up players who have asked you to in order to prevent any confusion the day of the tournament. Registration is based on Forum Time. Registration will be first come, first serve. If you are on the bracket for this tournament and cannot attend please send me a PM, or post in the thread letting me know you cannot make it, this lessens the time it takes for signs ups the day of the tournament. Thanks in advance. Notes: Do not AFK Timeout your opponent unless your referee has stated you may. Disconnecting during a match when result in a DQ. Do not block your opponents, or the Staff running the Event. If there is evidence of this and disregarding staff requesting you to unblock said individuals you will be DQ'd. Volpi Clause (requesting to change channels for your matches) will not be allowed for this tournament. Entrants are encouraged to uncheck "Render Overworld in Battle". (Menu -> Settings -> Video). Due to a recent post by Desu (link), it has been decided that any occurrences of the 'Battle Freeze' bug will result in a DQ; This is because it is actively avoidable when following the necessary steps and slows down the pace of a tournament. Please be read the post before participating and be sure to follow what is said to avoid this situation happening to you. UnderUsed Tournament Mode must be used for all duels. Bracket Reserves: [spoiler] fredrichnietze timwaps Walplayer Nohte KarimTheOne DoubleJJ robofiend Ploegy MisterHide Cerk xilias yangsam hamkrow bajje ferleitt Kizhaz Kausmah Govictory icecubes Anjoman Shiigo Forfiter overToasted foggi[/spoiler]
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