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  1. Dear visitors and friends, I decided to make a WHOLE new profile due to the constant inconvenience of PMing GMs to change my profile. I do not want GMs to worry about me, so my profile is going to be changed today. Thank you for your support, BF

  2. The deadline is tomorrow, what do you guys think? I like the meta without lax, although some would prefer the chubby monster. Do you think Snorlax should even get the light of day once May 12th hits, or do you think it should be banned for a while ? Lets have a fair and balanced debate about lax without slandering each others reputation. If I may throw my hat in the ring, I think Lax should stay out of OU because it is too dangerous and curselax sponges hits easily. Rhydon is a check to Lax, but what happens if lax has a surf set (thank Bowser for telling me about that)? That would be one dead rhino.... I think curselax doesn't really have much counters or checks to neutralize it. Like I said, I am a rookie in the competitive scene, I want to know what you guys think and one more note, NO TROLLING! I want to hear reinvent opinions that have to do with the threat of lax or why lax should be put back in OU, I would like to hear what every competitive mind thinks about lax.
  3. Welcome to fourms. You should also check out teamspeak with your gf as well. Just read these terms before proceeding. Welcome back to the game and hope you do enjoy your time here on the forums!
  4. Dear YouTube Viewers, I retired my channel, but I wish you all well. Here is the thread that formally retires me as a YouTuber.https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/53407-my-departure-from-the-airwaves/

    1. Noad


      So cute :3

      How are you, Bestfriends?

    2. Bestfriends


      I am doing fine, how about you?

  5. Dear YouTube Viewers, I feel that I have received a higher calling. From 10pm - 1am Central Time on 5/2/15, I tried to PM people, no one responded other than RacheLucario which then she was busy. I then consulted my Dad about the issue at hand. It was strange how no one is responding to me and the person that did respond to me (which was Rache) is busy. I then put the pieces together in my mind, I need to 1. reduce 90% of my time at PokeMMO, 2. Quit PokeMMO, but come back on temporarily. 3. Q...

    1. Munya


      Up to you, nobody can make a decision like that but you yourself.

    2. Bestfriendss


      Maybe for college sake, I may have to cut my time here massively. I can't play PokeMMO as of now because I can't function like that. As of my downtime which might be (as of now 10% - 15%), I might have to reduce my time here. As of a successor, I might need to make a thread on a possible successor for being a journalist for PokeMMO.

  6. I am glad to catch ALL of it on tape then... [spoiler]Thanks Keith[/spoiler]
  7. Does anyone need to refer to the BurntZebra VS KarimTheOne Match? If so, here is the video... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lKWCzErris&src_vid=PIyqCwrUrGQ&annotation_id=54ca509f-0000-2051-ab96-001a113d4b18&feature=iv Slowking sponging off a SolarBeam: 1:51:46 - 1:52:32 Slowking taking a nice bit of damage from Lee's return: 38:51 - 38:59 (and that was on a critical) SlowKing sponging Quag's EarthQuake: 59:40 - 59:43 If anyone needs to refer to the tape, you have my permission to. Part of my reasoning for filming these tournaments is for record keeping and the other part is for pure entertainment.
  8. IGN: Bestfriends (Just in case you want to see me in game sprite)
  9. Welcome to the forums! :)
  10. Filmed the final battle + interview with champ of the tournament! Congratulations OldKeith!
  11. I have decided to participate, IGN: Bestfriends
  12. Someone might have his chance here to become a millionaire on Who Wants to be a Millionaire PokeMMO Edition!
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