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  1. 1- yes but only for npc's not for players 2- yes each hit gets technician boost so bullet seed can potentially do 150 (excluding stab) damage if it hits 5 times 3- yes critical hit ratio adds up 4- no 5- no idea, someone else can answer 6- it uses gen 8 learnset but only has pokemons upto gen 5, it also has its own balancing so technically its its own gen.
  2. Either train the pikachu to max obedience level or reset and pick something other than charmander.
  3. We all agree? Speak for yourself!
  4. Omg i got thr account back, just needed to change the username, thnx guys for the help i almost got a heart attack.
  5. You can check my chat log if you want, i literally only typed "im also a gm" Was going to follow up with in chess but got banned instantly, i have never been toxic to anyone in the game and i never will. So my account isnt banned?
  6. I realized that and i admit my mistake, how do i get it unbanned?
  7. As u can see my username is GMStriker as im a big chess fan, there was some chat going on on global about cm's and gm's in the game, i just wrote im also a gm and was about to follow it up with gm- grandmaster but i got instantly banned, how do i get my account back as now i realized my mistake?
  8. There are only 4 legendaries in game and only 1 person can have them at a time, once u catch them everyone playing the game will be notified of it and u will have to win all challenges (which u cannot deny) to keep it, if u loose the winner gets to keep it, if u log out the legendary will go back to its original place.
  9. What do you mean hit the hoards? It doesnt show as shiny right away? Plz clarify im confused.
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