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  1. for the top slot, we NEED a ghostbusters uniform (obviously with a different name cuz of copyrights) cuz with so many players EV training pokes, whats cooler than ghostbusting in pokemon tower wearing a ghostbusters uniform?
  2. the tm one could (hopefully would) be significantly cheaper, logic would say it a reasonable cost for it to be approximately 4000-5000 coins (14k-20k poke yen) the vanity one i wouldnt expect the staff to want to implement the RP items, though adding more/new NPC vanity items would make sense
  3. Quite simply 2 additional types of Mystery Boxes, first of which awards 1 of the 50 TMs at random, and the latter awarding 1 Vanity Item at random, and and both of them to the list of prizes in the Game Corner.
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