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  1. We will miss you Epic ❤️ Hope to see you soon bud
  2. Almost failed 29th OT Shiny Caught Shiny Hoppip in 18.8k encounters! I got insanely lucky with this catch and should definitely had failed this. Uploaded a crappy screen recording onto YouTube if anyone wants to see this stressful moment. Link: https://youtu.be/gSH1QNfIbp4
  3. OT Number 28! 26.8k encounters for the 4th member of my Shiny Johto team!
  4. It's about time you got bonked for stealing my shinies
  5. 27th OT Shiny A day later at 1645 encounters I find an ill looking bat!
  6. 26 OT Shiny 37k+ encounters later and I finally found the snek
  7. Shiny Numel in 28.6k encounters! This is now my final team member for my shiny Hoenn team playthrough!
  8. Shiny Zangoose in 9.4k encounters! Second shiny of the week and now the 5th shiny member of my Hoenn playthrough team. I couldn't be happier with it being one of my all time favorite shinies!
  9. Shiny Electrike in 17k encounters! This now my 4th shiny team member for my Hoenn playthrough. P.s. Almost killed it with nightshade🤡
  10. My first ever single encounter hunt Tried to get a Shroomish/Treecko for my full shiny Hoenn playthrough team but got this instead. Still a beautiful shiny nonetheless.
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