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  1. OT 49! Was completing dex when I randomly encountered this
  2. OT 48! 37,959 encounters Catch 11/11 for Unova shiny team Probably my last shiny hunt for a very long time
  3. OT 47! 7245 total encounters Catch 10/11 for Unova shiny teams Shoutout to everyone from global who came to spectate ❤️
  4. OT 46! 9,480 total encounters Catch 9/11 for Unova shiny teams (Modest nature synch too)
  5. OT 45! 102k dry ;-; Catch 8/11 for shiny Unova team
  6. 44th OT! 55,690 total encounters 7th member of my Unova shiny team Also a stupid wrong chat L that I took
  7. OT 43! 5,173 total encounters Onto phase 3 for Snivy Probably the 6th member of Unova shiny team
  8. OT 41! 11,492 encounters 5th member for my shiny Unova playthrough team
  9. OT 40! 36,813 encounters Potential Unova shiny only team member Onto phase 2 for Blitzle
  10. My favourite memory on PokeMMO was when I first laid eyes on @BerserkVagabond in all his glory. It was a magical encounter that I will forever cherish. IGN: SirJuanks
  11. OT 39! 30,462 encounters Took a break for a few weeks and on the day I come back I get it
  12. 38th OT! After running away from a shiny Munna on Pokemon Black more than 10 years ago, I have finally reclaimed it! 77k total single encounters including phase.
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