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  1. Welcome to my imagination. Some of you might remember me and my work from a couple of years ago. Since then I have been practising and improving on my style of gfx. I make all sorts of GFX from Signature sets to Posters/Banners. I even sometimes make pixels and gifs among other things. My themes range to anything from cute to dark. ++ Many many more.
  2. I confirm ^.^ Please can you lock this thread, thank you <3
  3. Maybe. I've been making some on another forum. Nuh uh not cute shhhh D;
  4. I did die. I have been reincarnated o;
  5. I had been gone over a year and people still made requests xD Jeez my old sigs sucked. ew.
  6. come back please

  7. been forever still love my sig. just wanted to thank you again.

  8. Well, I can't resist making a Jon Snow signature *.* <3 I'll start it as soon as I have time!
  9. i still love you

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    2. YumiLove


      Learn what?

    3. YumiLove


      So you "pretend" to be a creep?

    4. Malorne


      i'm disappointed Orange... very, very disappointed.

  10. These guys are such creeps, smh. (although I secretly looked at your pictures too and agree with deejaye, too cute *.*)
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