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  1. /shrug Been called worse Regardless, to bring up WoW grinding in comparison to this game completely over exaggerates what you expect from endgame content. In the end, this is still just a ROM file of classic pokemon games just with multiplayer aspects. The only reason changes like these are necessary to keep the MMO concept of it relevant is to eliminate items that players can just stockpile overtime and sell for relatively high prices that can just be compared to that of EXP boosts, the object is to reduce prices of said items to a more reasonable price and encourage player activity. Now whether you see that as 'pointless grinding' is all your opinion, this was something, like DS said earlier, they had intended to implement since 2016. Baa
  2. TL;DR You will find a shiny if you hunt for it.
  3. You should probably drop any and every MMO if this is the case.
  4. Dead for almost a year, come back and EV train great shiny to end the year... guess ill go RIP again
  5. Pull me out, gonna have to pass on this one, sorry guys
  6. Back from the dead to steal another scavenger hunt win
  7. @OrangeManiac hope youre not sleeping during week 1, dont want too easy of a win
  8. Great draft, cant wait to see half my players either get injured or suspended. Fun shit ahead
  9. Pyroface


    Flight, too ez also debating getting a switch (somehow) and just play the absolute fuck out of splatoon 2. Is it worth?
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