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  1. Lemme introduce my goth~ I found her after spending 12stk of leppa QwQ!
  2. Halo, komunitasnya ada kok di Discord, Whatsapp, team in-game juga ada. Tinggal Nickname aja. Atau pm aku di discord (Eevee#1111)
  3. I think they want johto for increasing their re-gym profit? xD for me, I want johto for new horde, I hope johto have a horde mareep QwQ
  4. It must be frustrating... rip shiny skarmory QwQ
  5. I don't think everyone would care when are you catch it. The price depends on the IV and nature.
  6. Sorry QwQ What i mean is hidden abbility :(
  7. we don't even have Hidden power yet-- why u asking for mega evolution? xD
  8. Well, i think bold volcanora is better than modest or timid? just my opinion. Just don't let any pokemon with rock move touch him, and u can won the game.
  9. someone carry me pls haha, my best score is just 11 points QwQ
  10. My first shiny is Spearow, and my seccond are Raticate.
    This world is so unfair

    1. Diano


      and i'm playing since 2012, still no OT here..

    2. Minihara


      i'm playing since 2013, and all of my shiny are common, while my new guildmates have a lot uncommon shiny :(

    3. Diano


      glad to see you in the unlucky team buddy xd :c

  11. Hello hans! welcome to the game ~ hope you enjoy the game ~
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