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  1. Bro if you're gonna copy another shop, at least change the text so it says something different. Literally says the exact same thing under multiple text areas, even some of the colors.
  2. Pokemon: Weezing HA?: Doesn't have IVs: 31/x/31/27/27/27 Nature: Bold Gender: Doesn't matter Your OT?: Also doesn't matter Also....... QUACK
  3. League is always trash, but yet we end up back there anyways
  4. Doing signatures again, added my sig as an example on front page with some others
  5. HANNAH! Can I get a 2x31, 3x27 Timid Staryu? (Spatk/Speed 31 of course) I'll send monies in mail!
  6. Holy freaking speed! Thank you so much, highly recommend this service. 10/10 psyducks agree. Can I also get a 27+/x/27+/31/27+/31 Modest Deino?
  7. Can I get a Bold Yamask with 31/x/31/27+/27+/27+ I'll send the money in just a few minutes
  8. Here's the first one. I'll work on the 2nd one tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, I've had a lot going on
  9. Name xVolvagiax Team läva Reader/ Character Scizor Colour Scheme Probably red to match Scizor with some black Background Surprise me Animations None Extra Details None
  10. Thank you! I really enjoyed making it since he's one of my favorite champs. If you want it I can add your name to it, was just kind of one I made for fun.
  11. Back in business (Until I die again). Examples of sigs are on first page. Last one is the most recent one I've created
  12. Tfw Pantheon isn't that hard to play anyways. He literally shits on any auto attackers so beating someone who is reliant on all auto attacks isn't saying much
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