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  1. You're right, I didnt want to, cause I dont NEED to. It's not like we get a heatran for the effort Also at the time I was really complaining about it, no one had this service. Even then, I would rather spend my in-game cash on actually useful things.
  2. Actually in the based game, since the requirements were just seeing the dex, as long as you didn't skip trainers, you had 90% of the dex filled out. And it's whether it's lazy doesn't change the fact that you get pretty much nothing for the effort.
  3. My issue is that there's no reason to go to the survival area with the new requirements, most notable things in those routes are changed, available elsewhere, removed. For what reason would the devs change the requirements if there's nothing important back there? Why do more for less?
  4. To answer the first part (I'm mostly over it at this point), I wanted to relive sinnoh as much as I could in pokemmo, I was kinda riding a nostalgia high, I had just beaten Cynthia, and wanted to finish up the survival area even if it was kinda redundant. Finding out about the change kinda took the wind out of my sails. It felt like the devs didn't want people to go there at all. As for the second part, it's only easy if you have the money to blow or most of the sinnoh dex filled already to cut costs(I have almost none of the sinnoh dex filled). Hopefully that explains it.
  5. New locations with almost nothing of worth there
  6. So what you'r saying theres little to no incentive to go to the survival area? Theres nothing that's there that would be worth the hassle unless you have most of the dex caught already ( like a lot of the player base hasnt). From what i remember, the most notable things you get from there is the third shard tutor (available in kanto with no dex requirement), gym rebattles (unlocked in pokemmo with the first e4 win in the region and are in the gyms themselves instead of that one house), heatran (not available), some high level trainers, the super rod ( theres no pokemon you can catch with it couldnt be found somewhere else), some tms (available elsewhere), and the mansion (a kinda useless money sink). So why change it? Is there some new thing there that wasnt in the original game?
  7. Its not a bug. I dont know why they made it this way though, what you get from the survival area thats unlocked with the nat dex isnt even worth the effort unless you've had most of the dex already caught. The shard tutor is redundant as theres one in kanto (with the same moves to learn), you can already rebattle gyms in sinnoh with just beating the e4, and heatran isnt avaliable.
  8. I thought the giratina fight was cool. It's also could be a hint to how legendary fights will be in dungeons when they release next century.
  9. No you needed to have SEEN the full sinnoh Dex, very different from owning
  10. Ok so what is the game gonna reward people to justify making the requirements so much harder then the original game?
  11. Is route 225-230 accessable? I have the sinnoh dex seen and have beaten the sinnoh e4
  12. Simplest thing is to not implement the new Kanto, just create a "door" connect the route 26 connection to the route 22 gatehouse (where the first guard that needs the bolder badge is located in), Do some scripting work to detect the region of the challenger, if Johto the guards require Johto badges to progress and the e4 is the Johto e4. That or just replace old kanto (reimplementing the story), only require the FireRed rom for the sevi islands and Kanto safari zone. We don't need two kantos. And as I said, Johto could bring more things to the table then just Pokemon. For example, the Johto exclusive pokeballs (level ball would be good for general breeder catching, ditto or otherwise), a (possibly customizable) new safari zone, and 8 more gym leaders/another e4/more trainers for money grinding. If we assume we get new Berry plots as well, then there's that.
  13. This was a thing years ago. Sadly it's way outdated.
  14. You know, some people don't just want Johto for the starters, they want Johto for Johto. Pokemon aren't everything a region has to offer.
  15. I like the concept of pokemmo alot, I just find that the game itself doesn't appeal to me at all. I like solo pve content. I don't do competitive, which is a massive chunk of the "end game". I havent tried shiny hunting, but I wouldn't try it here with its very low odds. Berry farming is too passive. The battle frontier is unfinished. The only thing I can do is alt runs or grinding items to sell. Dungeons won't help because of the cooperative nature of them. The only reason I'm really tuned into pokemmo is my friends and the eventual release of sinnoh.
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