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  1. Whatever...moemons are gonna win whatever the entries are. Still, good job everyone.
  2. And money gaining? And experience/ev distribution? Yes you can do it but you will necessary renounce to at least those two concepts. It's stupid but are concepts to be thought through; the only way is sterile "fight this NPC" just cause and without any gain, therefore you will not fully be able to complete the story in co op. However being able to PvP-ing 2vs2 should have been implemented years ago, without any possible excuse. Totally on point on the last concept tho. It's not a Pokemon MMO; rather a watch your friends walking simulator
  3. lol as they consider what is suggested even if only for the amount of pending suggenstions now that's good, thank you 🙂 🙂
  4. nice, have you other suggestions for a better dex?
  5. Should try this one but still is kinda ridiculous; the dex should be our main and most reliable source to gather infos in game since all the changes that have been made from the originals and not having even a "search for egg group" turns me even more off. Thx by the way I hope this will change things 🙂 In that case I should also double check every other mon... Didn't try and cannot try since after I trained Feraligatr I gifted him to my brother.
  6. 1215 hours spent in the game, the most of which hunting or training, and still no shiny 😢
  7. While browsing the dex I noticed that a mon I am more than sure having an ha is instead shown without ha, as you can see in the shots attached. If this happened for the little gator it'll be more than probable that happened to many other mons. Therefore I take this opportunity to formally ask for a complete overhaul of the dex whom is now, useless, clunky, partial and so on. Also, read my signature
  8. Like all the other abilities they shutted down, the ones they didn't even implemented, the maaany ghost nerfs, Outrage still having 90 and not 120... simply, is a double standard. Still the team is good (even if Garchomp, Scizor and Dragonite are mainstream) and I added the Levitate Gengar only because in doubles he's/her's team would certainly benefit of an Earthquake immune poke.
  9. Should have Levitate, not your fault obviously
  10. Hello, I'm having many issues with the Android app of PokeMMO: it's the third time in 2 days that when I open the aforementioned app it requires me to upload the ROMs again and again. I even still have the og ROMs on the phone but it keep ask for the files... What's the problem? THX
  11. Lol, hope you won't get disappointed XD Welcome back anyway 🙂
  12. And then I noticed Outrage still has 90 power, as before Gen IV, not 120... mmmmh something's wrong. To me it seems there are too many double standards. Without even talking of Cloud Nine...
  13. Ok, I do understand now: it works like Marvel Scale and not like Moxie.
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