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  1. that was a non HD fan translated version i believe
  2. Clannad and Kanon are the 2 anime adaptations I've fully watched so far with angel beats halfway watched its a little to supernatural, the art and character developments are crisp and very well done so many character stories that I will have to work through in the games now that the Clannad english HD adaptations are becoming easier accessible.
  3. in need of serious copium right now GG dont sell it please
  4. can you please elaborate on this "we" part? as it stands you should be saying "I"
  5. so is this the late can't believe they did this joke or something first live before shutdown we got HA and the 2nd time before down we get black city?
  6. we're one step closer to having a sweet scent ocarina kinda concept only thing we need now is to not require a sweet scent pokemon
  7. best 10th anniversery update ever!
  8. i got them 26k leppa stack now gonna waste on shiny
  9. find out on the next action packed episode of dragonball z!
  10. Squirtle seems to be the developer of the pokemon we recieve 2 of my shiny event mons are squirtle ot
  11. munya and darkshade would probably be some of the most mysterious npcs to fight also the staff with shiny legendairies
  12. having staff npcs would be a nice feature i still need to refight a few in a shiny duel
  13. i said before that on specific time we actually fought lord jumpeon to prove our worth
  14. @Ryukaaiheres what your expecting enjoy
  15. still want the amnesia brace hat construction and berry expiration dates too
  16. there was a Jumpeon linked by an SGM a while back not many thought of copying the message and repasting the id code and we could view it as a summary for a brief period of time
  17. your willing to bet limbs but how much did you waste on letting a dev get married, and have a honeymoon? Can a mod just close this thread please
  18. the only public statement the devs gave of there personal life was that kyu got married who knows how much of the donation went to that wedding
  19. and some guy who suggested a gacha system to pokemmo only to stop caring about the idea as soon as genshin 2.7 which they claimed not to play released never show a trace of existence ever again unless another gacha game *friendly family hopefully* goes under some delay coincidently along with the fact there's no fan service
  20. no theres rerun battles of trainers/gym leaders/E4 and some may have most if not all the ones seen in the screenshots above and you wont get them as OT they will be viewed as Seen and the shiny variants wont matter in that case either because it will appear as seen regular in the pokedex
  21. sorry but... chances are it might change to normal + grass either way first shiny im hunting for
  22. fact is this was very bad timing to suggest a gacha like system when the devs are currently working on a way to deal with the angry unhappy donators in another thread. I don't know if/what other gacha game *family friendly hopefully* is going through some new banner delay or if you got simply bored of being the top whale of said game *family friendly hopefully* but for 10 years this game has lived without it.
  23. oh thank jesus we needed something of the apparent many things delaying and being on hiatus at the same time! this topic kinda giving me Deja Vu of the platinum and 2018 & 19 event release threads when @BoltBlades12 was running the show
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