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  1. OK, I see what you mean. Thank you for your opinion!
  2. Yeah, youtube is definitely a good place but it is important for the musician to have a professional platform. I also think that someone will buy SoundCloud or SoundCloud will merge with another music platform. Btw, it looks like that there are several alternatives. Have you tried something from the list?
  3. Yeah, generally streaming but promotions and simple music sharing would be also good. Have you tried any alternatives? Like Mixcloud... any feedback?
  4. Hi, everyone! I am just wondering how many of you use SoundCloud? Is it a good option? I heard that is going not that well in the company right now and they keep fire many employees... So I am just curious does it affect the service. Will the company exist in the future? I know there are some music streamings alternatives like Tidal, Spotify etc. But are they good as SoundCloud? Will be happy to hear your opinion.
  5. averil8


    Hi! I was not sure where to ask, I hope it is ok to ask here. Which tool do you use to draw? I used Microsoft Office Online but want smth new. Any good alternatives?
  6. Really interesting thread!
  7. Will try today! Thank you!
  8. Looks nice! I want to do the same but use the chicken. What do you think? Will it work out?
  9. I have just started to watch Narcos
  10. Hi, everyone! I am not sure where to ask my question...so I hope it is OK if I ask it here? When I try to stream the video it goes super slow. I have been suggested to try content delivery network. Did someone try the content delivery network?
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