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Fix Back Baton Pass



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Batton Pass teams have been problematic for years in singles competitive and they happen to be super strong for E4 Rematches, although after the nerf players found a lot of strategies that while riskier can beat the E4 faster. I doubt it will ever be "fixed" considering those two things.

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Besides, good Baton Pass teams have counters for what you mentioned: Soundproof, Magic Bounce, Taunt, etc. It would just end up in a cycle of banning the things that make full baton pass teams uncompetitive until we eventually reach the conclusion that baton pass itself is the problem.


Frankly, I'm happy that instead of just banning baton pass and being done with it, they allowed it to have its other niche uses like non-priority switching, passing substitutes, etc.

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On 9/20/2022 at 5:18 PM, Edwardinho said:

Hello, currently the game has some somewhat custom changes to make the competitive part work. One of the custom changes is what you mention, so no, it's not a bug

Isn't "Custom Changes". Staff doesn't want, at least for now, have a Ubers tier. They prefer do nerfs to reintroduce unhealthy moves/mons/itens on a way that they become healthy. Some examples is Shadow Tag being nerfed to 3 turns, Garchomp being unable to learn Swords Dance, Blaziken doesn't getting their HA, even with all other starters getting him.

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