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Shiny Gym Leader's mon for better rewards.





Just suggesting something: 

During Gym's reruns, Leader's can, with a low probability like 1% or something (but not something GIGA rare) to have a shiny pokemon replacing the normal pokemon, and when we defeat it, we gain an extra +2K $ per shiny killed or idk, not something too broken but something cool, something that makes reruns more exciting to do.


Dunno if it has been already suggested but i thought about it and i think that may be great. 

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It seems a bit tricky to implement, as in pokemon games the battle with NPC are predetermined, item, IV and shininess too.

There's no randomness like the wild battles.


So to achieve you idea, they 'd copypaste the current gym leader's teams data changing only shininess factor and set the probability low.


If it's done for a surprise factor, that's a nice idea, I'm with you.

But if it's just a cheap way to gain extra 2K $, then I think the dev 'd do somenthing else,

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