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Tweaking Flaming Skull Masks: Triggerable Flame Effect for Blue (and Orange) Flaming Skull Mask


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Hello, I think it would be cool if we could turn the flame effect on the Blue (and Orange) Flaming Skull Mask on and off. This could be a triggerable animation that players can activate based on their preference. Developers, what do you think? @Darkshade

Looking forward to your feedback!


With love,


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7 hours ago, Turqueso said:

What's the point of a flaming skull if it doesn't flame? 

Well, the point is to keep the flames as a surprise! Without the flames, the skull can blend in more naturally and avoid constantly drawing attention to itself. When the flames are activated, they create a striking contrast, making the skull look even more intimidating and impressive. This way, the flames have a greater impact when they appear.

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