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[Sig] Signature Rating Thread


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You can discuss signatures and their ratings in this thread, create them and post to show your friends for their opinions!


The signatures may be rated 1-10, on lowest-highest scale, and can include constructive criticism on how to improve said signature. 


Remember to keep it civil and abide by the Code of Conduct at all times.


Edited by Xand
Added a little spliff splaff to make it slightly more personable. (Best you're going to get)
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your sig is glorious

what about mine? thanks Jwong


looks decent, not a huge fan of the background and layout though. 7/10


how about these?




hydroimpact ftw


Too much going on, not rendered that well, hard to see. all 4-5/10


Rate mine.


spooky, but well done. 7-8/10


Just cuz it hurts my eyes 7.1/10

EDIT: I am joking. 


rate this pls


Hard to see and understand so about 5/10, but donatello so 10/10

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