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  1. Hi @Staggiie You say that your gym run team is far from being the best choice. Do you have an idea of a team that could be better? Also, if anyone has a team to share, I am interested.
  2. Was looking back to some old music I liked back in the days and found that. Still love it.
  3. No problem, I hope you and your friends will join the game!
  4. I think it's the right section. I don't see where could be a better place. To answer a bit of your question, this game don't seems to take that much bandwidth. Also, I can play at public places without any problem on my tablet and phone but even at home, with a good internet speed, if I try to play with my PC, I can't do shit. I think the best way to have answers to your question is to test it out by yourself for a day. We don't know every specific of your situation so it's hard to tell. And i'm sure you won't have problems by playing only a day, PokeMMO is not that huge on bandwidth for what I can tell.
  5. In case you didn't saw it, that's how the prize is so good.
  6. People will always complain about difficulty. They always want the easy way, which imo is boring. I prefer having to try many times a boss to finally understand the AI and then beat it than having a easy fight.
  7. It would be strange since they want a more competitive PvE.
  8. Both moves don't work on NPC but they do work for players like you and me. It will surely be fixed soon.
  9. It was an estimated time of arrival. And many things can change in this line of work due to unexpected problems and even IRL stuff for the devs. We have to remember that the game is free and we can complain but they owe nothing to us. They are doing this because they are passionate and love their game. So in that way, we can expect that they are doing everything they can with all the restriction they may have. In return, we just have to be patient and enjoy the game as it actually is.
  10. No problem. Like @Sengoku9191 said, the closed beta should end soon, I guess it will be done around the middle of July but it could be longer.
  11. Unfortunately, you need to be in game to donate.
  12. Ask a friend, family member or maybe a public computer.
  13. Snowboard and Surfboard on the back slot. Colorable and maybe at different period, non-colorable limited editions. I think a cape for each major country that play the game would be great. The cape would have the same colors as the flag of that country. Also, there will always be unfairness, it will never change unfortunately. Just a non exhaustive list of Country that comes to my mind right now:
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