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  1. Thanks for replying brother! Very good job you do! On the other hand, what you say is a good point, but they can be colored Zombies, right? Just don't change to gray, leave the current green tone as Default, then people choose whether to change or not. You can even make it so that once the color has been modified, you cannot return to the Default tone. The suit thing would be fine, the truth, also to have more color variants, now, the most interesting thing is what you say about the "face" part, could that layer exist? be added in the future, or use the "facial hair" sector that you can't even remove your character's beard currently, give that cape a use, items like zombie, vampire fangs, ninja mask, masks in general? An example, to be able to use a zombie head together with llama glasses and a hat? And excuse my english, the translator is not very good haha
  2. I keep adding ideas to improve the Zombie set that is currently almost useless so that it can be used a little more. I saw in recommendations something great done by @Dumbvader. Very good idea brother and permission to share it here since we are talking about this topic. Will we see a wearable zombie suit and head? only @Darkshadeknows
  3. Thanks!!! My Dream is here.
  4. My dream. But the real dream? Metapod common and shiny *_*.
  5. I don't know who Juancho is but if he is Paraguayan he has my respect
  6. This is a brilliant idea. If the eggs were born with the name of my team even more! It would be something like: "It was born on the basis of HDLM" (My team in my case) +1
  7. You are right, I think it would be the best place for both the Zombie Head and the Vampire Fangs.
  8. Niceeeeeeee, Argentina in the house! Nice collection bro!! Congrats!
  9. You did this yourself. I congratulate you friend!! Now to wait for those chests to go up and everything else. you are a crack! I am really proud. I hope you tell me in a while how everything goes Esto lo hiciste tu mismo. Te felicito amigo!! Ahora a esperar que suban esos cofres y todo lo demas. Sos un crack! Estoy orgulloso de verdad. Espero me cuentes en un tiempo como va todo.
  10. You fill me with pride. This is thinking big. Small details (items) that make you a giant (ez profit) Me llenas de orgullo. Esto es pensar en grande. Pequeños detalles (items) que te hacen gigante (ez profit) There are still people who think that events are not profitable? Aun hay gente que piensa que los eventos no dan ganancia?
  11. Simple but great, it would be nice if the Zombie's head was an object like a "face" or "hairstyle", so it could be used with hats or glasses. I think it would be a change that everyone would like since now with the Zombie head you can't use anything else
  12. I don't know if it will be possible to do this, but it would be nice to add a translator that can be activated and deactivated, so that when they send you messages in another language, the game automatically translates them into your language, this would help you not have to open the google translator on me case when I talk to a Chinese friend hahaha I don't know if it's possible but, since it occurs to me, I say it. I hope you have a good day and success!
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