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  1. what's the issue? that not enough players join tournaments?
  2. thats an event mon, sweet scent is not in the gen 8 learnset, so no
  3. I would like to have small fries, a chili cheese burger and a large soda. Thanks.
  4. Doubled post, he made this an hour after again.
  5. I didn't understand 1 bit you were saying. Did you use translate?
  6. No, i was just saying that this was suggested, but never implemented. Tf are you on about?
  7. 5x31 is not perfect, natured 5x31 is not perfect, 6x31 is not perfect, 6x31 natured is not perfect, but you don't need 6x31 natured or not in pvp most of the time thanks btw nice
  8. they are already made harder to breed, i don't see how daily breed limit would make the system more balanced or friendly, to me this seems like a way to make players suffer more, waiting for weeks to make a 5x31 mon for example for the same amount of money and effort, but spent across a week instead of a single day they are already >=5% encounter, around 8% to catch with fullhp, so why make it more harder to be "balanced and friendly"? is this request made because of their GTL prices? but those aren't just priced because they are rare, they are based on rarity, on the market's need to buy them and on how many listings the specific mon have in the GTL the things you want you can do, you can stake with players, you can join teams, and those teams have events and cups where you get rewarded for beating other team members, like i dont really get this one also> maybe a very rare Pokemon and this way POKEMMO could be adding next generation Pokemons little by litte ? how do you vision this when the next gen is 2 whose every mon is already available, and the one gen after that is 6, where its like fully 3d, a completely new type and all sorts of stuff? weird flex, what have you been doing?
  9. Suggest it on the Vanity thread, maybe a mod has a link to it
  10. yeah i don't see how free status removers which can be used in any battle and can be used however many times are op
  11. This was suggestes like 30 times here, never implemented.
  12. Considering that you can make 5x31s for 5-600k on avg, and a 1krp voucher which you need for a 750rp gift mon is 2mil ish nowadays, it wouldn't be worth it. Also what was the gift shop not giving players an unfair advantage talk 'bout?
  13. Flutes are op, i don't mind them being the gen v+ purpose of collector's item.
  14. No. Impress your friend with what you actually have. Do you flex your mom's car to your friend? No, because she gave it to you to drive to school, and not to stickerbomb it because it looked cooler.
  15. I like this idea, but it seems hard to execute, like okay surfing with a Lapras, fine, but how do you do it with a mon like Pikachu, or Smeargle? And this post seems to focus on surf using a mon neutral sprite, but like fly does that as well, but i don't see that being mentioned.
  16. Why? Gift pokémons already have a ribbon indicating they are gifts, i don't see how this is necessary.
  17. To be fair, gen 4 or 5 onwards are just high value items, because they kill the need for the status healing items.
  18. The thing is GTL prices, especially for vanities change too much. If you were to say that oh this item was this much last week, it'll be the same price the next week, and the next week, and the next week and so on. This will generally either inflate the prices or deflate the prices of everything. It would cause marketflipping to stop. Also how does this system deal with the Pretty Butterfly Wings like incidens?
  19. Financier


    Nah, everywhere doubles is 6vs6, like showdown for ex. This change would be just plain silly. Also do you want triples to be 3 mons only?
  20. This would cause the problem of "oh thats gift one doesnt count". Otherwise idk I would rather have a Squirtle OT gift shiny than another Financier one but untradeable.
  21. Nice joke suggestion guys april first hahaha
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