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  1. Considering these Pokemon are so hard to find, why not make them more appealing? I think the Particle is awesome but I'm all for making the Sprite more interesting looking. How about some sort of Golden Glow (similar to the Red Glow you get with Alpha Sprites?)??
  2. Hello, How about making the Sprites for Secret Shiny Pokemon distinct from regular shiny Pokemon? Maybe they're a different color? Maybe they glow similarly to Alpha type Pokemon? They're already hard enough to obtain, so why not make them even more special and unique? -Reck
  3. They did, thank you! Thanks for the responses.
  4. Hello Hello, If I breed my male Secret Shiny pokemon with a regular Shiny Ditto, will my child be a Secret Shiny Pokemon?
  5. An easy way to calculate the minimal differences in damage given/damage taken is to use this calculator. Speed is usually the most important IV to have at 31 incase you end up fighting an identical pokemon; which happens quite often in OU. An example would be Chomp vs Chomp (Dclaw or Draco) or Gengar vs Gengar (Sball or Psychic). link: https://calc.pokemonshowdown.com/
  6. Interesting idea... A separate team Calender built into the client could also be useful. If a player wants to add an event to the 'World Event Calender' vs 'Team Event Calender', one may need to pay a fee and go through moderator approval/review to submit their Event. The fee will keep users from abusing the system and could be returned after the event is over to the creator of the event or with an option for the winner of the event to recieve the fee as prize money. Requiring a team member to be of specific rank and allowing the team leader/high ranks at anytime to remove entries into a team calender could also be useful. -Reck
  7. I'm not suggesting we remove the current system. I'm suggesting an additional option to obtain the hats. Just wanted to clarify.
  8. Hello wonderful PokeMMO Community and Staff, This one is quite simple: Make all non-tournament event information available in-game. Whether it's a calender of sorts or a list you're able to open, it should be available in-game with proper notifications. We are now able to view Tournament information through our client and are prompt with notifications but none of this is available for catch events, etc.. Let's change that! Sincerely, -Reck
  9. Hello wonderful PokeMMO Community and Staff, Some of us may have PVP Hats we're not big fans of aesthetically, (no offense staff) or even duplicate hats and would rather have a different hat from a previous PVP season. However, we just may not have enough time anymore to get out there and earn those matchmaking points! How about introducing an NPC that will allow you to swap your PVP Hats (Tier Specific) for another Hat of your choice previously introduced within such tier? Also, allowing a player to purchase a PVP Reward Hat with saved up battle points + match making points seems fair (ex: 100,000 RP/3k MMP). This gives the players who just may not have enough time to play within a season, a fair shot at earning a PVP Hat over a longer term basis. These battle points would be specific to points acquired from PVP battles ONLY and will not include tiers you haven't amassed any/x amount of matchmaking points into. An example for purchase requirements could look something like this: Purchase: Aura Cap (OU) Requirements: 100,000 PVP BP + 3,000 Current Season Match Making Points in the Over Used Tier. Purchase: Shell Turban (NU) Requirements: 100,000 PVP BP + 1,000 Current Season Match Making Points in the Never Used Tier. The purchase requirement denomination towards Match Making Points should be relevant to how active the community is within the specified battling tier. Obviously it is much harder to find NU matches on a more consistent basis vs say, OU matches.. This will considerably improve the chances of those of us short on time now to earn one of those beloved PVP Hats in the near future and those of us who have duplicates/hats we may not like but earned them, to swap out. Thank you for your consideration, -ReckIess
  10. Fair change. @Bearminator My raffle just ended today. Will I have to wait a month to create my next one or will it be implemented after my next raffle? Thanks!
  11. I feel like a lot of people are losing grasp of the concept of this just being a 'game'. C'mon people.. This isn't REAL money. In regards to minors buying tickets and not understanding how they could lose money - well, that is the minority. Most of them who are participating I'm sure are well aware of how lotteries work. It isn't that hard to figure out, really. If someone asks me, 'How does the raffle work'? I always take the time out to explain it to them to the best of my ability. People that buy my tickets understand there is risk involved and because the price of winning a shiny is considerably cheap - they take the risk over hunting for hours/days/weeks for a shiny they may want. The time some of you spend complaining about people making money off of raffles can be better spent making possibly the same amount of money OR MORE doing gym runs/trainer runs/flipping pokemon in the GTL.
  12. Also, I'm sure a lot of you guys watch the Shiny Market.... How many times have you bought undervauled Shinies and relisted them or Raffled them off? How about we ask EVERY single person how much they paid for the shinies they're raffling off and see how UNFAIR I'm being. Oh and what about the person who wins the Raffle? Are they making too much profit?
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